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Why Men Need Cosmetics

Using cosmetics does not make men less manly, so the stronger sex should not avoid it. Face care requires special training. It is better not to use your girlfriend’s lotion to cauterize a pimple. You must have your own men arsenal.
What are its features?
Cosmetics for men have won huge popularity in recent years . It fundamentally differs from the female, as men and women’s skin are completely different.

Men’s skin is typically thicker. Its pores are bigger and sebum secretion is more active compared with the  women skin. The most wide spreaded problem in men is the increased content of fat, which causes  fast accumulation of sebum and black dots – comedones, and even acne. Therefore, men’s cosmetics is mainly aimed at sebum control: lower fat content and the maintenance of the result for as long as possible.
Male face care requires right selection of means. The stronger sex do not mind to use the makeup of the beloved, plenty of which can be often found in the bathroom. But beauticians strongly recommend to have your own purely male care products.
Why men should not use women’s cosmetics?
1. Men have much more durable and dense top layer of skin, so a stronger cosmetic product required.
2. The epidermis in male  is composed of elongated cells, tightly adjacent to each other, so female cleaners are not effective in this occasion.
3. Subcutaneous fat deposits are less pronounced, and connective tissue is much stronger. Thus men have much better immune from cellulite,  premature skin aging and stretch marks.

However, men have other specific skin problems. These include:

– Weakness of the small blood vessels, which causes an unhealthy face color and promote the development of rosacea.

– Excessive sweating.
– Exaggerated function of the sebaceous glands, causing seborrheic dermatitis.

Men’s cosmetics
According to cosmetologists, the men’s “makeup” must include such things as:

– Special men cleansing products: soap, shower gel, hair shampoo;
– Skin care products: tonic lotion, moisturizing day cream, nourishing night cream, scrub;
– Deodorant, cologne;
– Foot care products: anti-bacterial moisturizing cream, deodorant;
– Protective equipment:  sunscreen, hand cream, lip balm;
– Cosmetics for shaving: gel, aftershave lotion.

Pro tips for men’s skin care
– Do not use cleansing lotions or tonics containing alcohol, if you have oily skin. Alcohol desiccates the skin, which in its turn will defend itself producing more fat.

– Do not use ordinary soap ! Soap  is an alkaline product which will  wash away the hydrolipidic protective cover from the skin. As a result, the skin becomes unprotected and all slags, fumes and dirt can easily settle on it. Use special cleaning products and creams.

– Men generally tend to develop wrinkles much later in life than women. However, If you do not want to prematurely turn into an old man, protect the skin from exposure to sunlight. Limit your sugar intake, as it is one of the main causes of wrinkles that appear in men ahead of time. The molecules of glucose weaken the molecules of collagen and elastin, thus making it less elastic.

– Do not use scrubs in case you have acne and other inflammation. They contain abrasive particles which may injure the skin. It is better to use a mask.

– Use the gel with light reflecting particles to hide the pale appearance in case of party last night. The light is reflected from the  face skin and it bocemes to looks brighter.

– Please note that with times, the body produces much less amount of  elastin and collagen needed for skin elasticity. Human lips become thinner over the years. So the sooner you start using special means with vitamins and collagen, the better.