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Why Men Don’t Want To Have Sex

It is believed that men think about sex every waking moment, but women generally strive to avoid conjugal duties. But sexologists and psychologists are increasingly talking about the current trends in the recent men’s reluctance. Men don’t think about sex too often, there are many reasons for that: from the environment to the psychological nuances.

1. Men and women are aimed at sex in different ways. This difference is determined by nature. Women can easily withstand prolonged abstinence, but when they fall in love and the sexual energy begins to bubble, libido becomes more active. On the contrary, men sexual desire has nothing to do with a sense of love. Sex for them means procreation, in which man’s nature is one of the strongest instincts. Exacerbation of male desire always happens in a situation associated with the ability to reproduce. For example, when a man is talking or flirting with a strange woman.

Of course, not every man is looking for new friends, obeying his instinct of procreation – yet our behavior is strongly affected by the generally accepted rules of morality and culture. But living together with even a very beloved darling men’s passion calms down- this is the essence of male sexuality. Men can receive the pleasure of sex with a permanent partner, but they can easily switch. But female sexuality flourishes in a stable sexual life, and the family sex can turn a woman on much more than a man.

2. During the time of our ancestors “strong” qualities was valued and cultivated in men – physical endurance, agility. Modern men are living in conditions that do not require special masculinity: the man does not need to be a powerful male to survive and reproduce. According to experts, the development of psychological characteristics is more noticeable in the latest generations of men. And men can experience some events no less acute than women. However, these feelings of men in the public presentation are still considered as a manifestation of an impermissible weakness, man’s insults and tears are not taken to advertise, they decided to hide them. And the unspoken resentment and a habit to suppress their emotions “hit” on male potency.

3. The rhythm of life of modern people is rightly called “crazy.” Men work a lot, their inherent spirit of competition drives them to participate in the race for making money. They often eat junk food and experience many stresses. All this, of course, impact on men’s health. Diseases started to rapidly spread among young men. Today a heart attack in 30 years is not an exceptional case. At the same time the men have a lowered pain threshold, they are afraid (often panic) of hospitals and doctors that can hurt hurt them with injections and droppers.

When men feel the problem in the body, they subconsciously avoid sex. Thus, they save power and energy needed to restore health. In addition, drugs may reduce male libido, for example, antihypertensive or hormone.

4. Men’s sexuality (and women) is subject to biorhythms. The surge of desire and high potency, for example, observed in the majority of men in the early morning, at about 6.00. Subsequent three hours male sexuality is at a fairly high level, but in the period from 13.00 to 15.00 it calms down. In the evening, somewhere between 18.00 and 20.00 hours, the male libido again makes itself felt.
Men also experience a seasonal sexual hunger. According to specialists at the end of summer and at the end of winter – in August and February – men are very sexually active.