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Why do you need jogging

Features of jogging
This type of running means runs at a speed of about 7-9 km per hour, that is a little faster than a brisk walk. But jogging has also characteristic features of technology: sometimes, a hard blow on the heel support or “slapping” a relaxed foot. Most importantly, in jogging is shorter flight phase during unsupported state is virtually absent – only one leg is repelled from the surface while the second leg at the same time is lowered to the ground.

Some professional athletes use jogging as a warm-up. Apply it after injury – while reducing training. Compared with a conventional running jogging differs less stress on the joints. Consequently, the lower the risk of injury. 

By the way, the athletes are assured that this type of running, provided, of course, long-term exercise has another effect – the euphoria of the runner, accompanied by the rise of mood and feeling of lightness and happiness.

Jogging technique
To master this technique, which experts also called jogging is quite simply. Moreover, compliance techniques can reduce fatigue and stress on the joints. So jogging technique involves:

Complete straightening of the legs at the knee while pushing off from the surface, and you need to repel the whole foot. Not too wide  step that can slightly increase with increasing tempo run.
Straight body slightly tilted forward. Bent at an angle of 90 degrees elbows – they need to move forward and backward. Free breathing – during a jog conversation should be without shortness of breath.
The pulse should be no more than 180 beats per minute, even for those who practice jogging to lose weight. Breathe while running with a nose only. If there is a need for mouth breathing, then you need to slow down or switch to fast walking.

Positive effect of jogging can be achieved only if regular workouts. By the way, if you can not run every day, or it leads to severe fatigue, then it is necessary to allocate to run about 20-60 minutes 3-5 times a week.

What are the benefits of running a jog?
It should be also considered the aspect of jogging benefits and harms. Let’s start with the fact that jogging, which is running slow, much less traumatic for the joints. At the same time it also helps to strengthen the heart, bones, lungs. Recommended to lose weight – even not so intense workouts burn calories. The only category of people who need to be careful with this kind of run – people with injuries to the ankle and knee joints. As time is decreased bone strength and density. Consequently, the risk of fracture and osteoporosis. In general, it is possible to allocate such undeniable advantages of jogging:

It helps to lose weight, strengthens the lungs, the heart and circulatory system. It increases muscle tone of the lower body, increases bone strength in the lower body.