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What is the Best Gift For a Girlfriend? Pleasant Memories Against Banality

Choosing a gift for a loved one is a hard thing to do. Banal gifts such as a photo frame or a soft toy, a priori, does not bring any joy. Every girl wants not only to be loved, but also to understand that the man is attentive to her holidays.

Modern women have long tired of the one day gifts. Everybody wants something unusual, useful, and most importantly – a constant reminder of the deep feelings of a man. What to give a girl for a birthday if bouquets of flowers and bears the size of a refrigerator are already included in the list of platitudes?

How to choose a gift for your favorite?
Note: There is no present to “please everyone”. Each woman is unique, has her own character and preferences. This is what often overlooked by the representatives of the stronger sex, choosing a gift for their lovers. Today, many guys give their girlfriends a gift certificate, even without thinking about whether she needs to visit this cosmetics salon. The manifestation of such an irresponsible approach to the present often results in the lack of understanding on the part of the girl and a bad mood.

Do you want to give the joy to your loved one? You need to concentrate choosing a gift, be careful and responsible, as if you were buying something for your car. To please the beloved, pay attention to her interests and hobbies, ask where she wanted to go. It would be good if you know what your girfriend’s dreams. Execution of dreams with the implementation of all plans in life is the perfect gift, filled with pure love and high attention.

So, now you know that being focused is the main rule that should be followed when choosing a gift for your girlfriend. But how do you know about her secret desires and preferences? After all, if you ask directly, you will immediately lose the whole point of a surprise and the joy of giving. To learn your favorite’s preferences and desires, it is not necessary to call her friends, ask advice from mum. It is enough to show maximum attention in conversations on topics indirectly related to the approaching date of the holiday.

For example, if your girl likes to read, spend the evening on talking about this great art. Ask her to tell about the last novel she read before. At the end of the conversation, you’ll own a whole library of facts talking about preferences in literature, artistic or documentary direction. On the question of what is best gift for a girl, 30% of men answered the same. The book is the best gift for a girl with an interest in self-education.

Similarly, you can give other useful things. The main thing is to be responsible in choosing a gift, guided solely by the preferences of the beloved, but not thinking about yourself and your interests. Money is not that important if we talk about presents. The high value of the gift does not mean anything. Practice shows that the best gift is the one that was made with love, even with minimal expenditure, but with sincere and pure love.

Do not seek to follow the principles of the coolest businessmen presenting their beloved cars, fur coats and a thousand dollar necklace. An expensive gift does not mean a good gift. A truly valuable gift is considered only when it is hidden in the soul, but not when it lits from the lifeless glass or crystal or contains a variety of functions. I suppose the reader understands that we are talking about the iPhone in an expensive cover, strewn with bright, but completely devoid of life rhinestones. Stylish iPhone or superexpensive cosmetics with free hike to a beauty and tanning studio is nothing compared to the original gift, giving joy and leaves behind a trail of pleasant experiences.

Gifts that leave pleasant memories
Skydiving. We have already talked about the unique gifts, but without specifics. So, a gift certificate for a tandem jump from 4000 meters is the most original gift, a hit of our time. Fifteen minutes of free fall and a three-minute flight over the picturesque landscape will not leave any girl indifferent. Do not be afraid! A jump in tandem with an instructor is safe and brings a lot of emotions. If your lover is worried about the parachute jump, jump with her. This will be an ideal solution, better than any reassurance and psychological training in a nice conversation with a cup of hot tea in a cafe.

No girl will give up the opportunity to soak in the sun, when in her hometown is snowing. A gift in the form of a ten-day trips to Egypt or the United Arab Emirates will be perfect for a girl celebrating her birthday in the winter. An opportunity to stay on the golden beach in January will be always accepted. No iPhone will give so much joy as a deserted beach that belongs to her alone. If your sweetheart’s birthday in the summer, a good gift option is a sightseeing tour in Europe or a sea cruise. To better meet the expectations of your dear girl, ask her where she would like to go during the next holiday.

 Unforgettable photoshoot
The art of photography is known to be magical. The camera is a device with magical powers. In the right hands, it does not just stop the clock, but also brings a lot of ​​joy. Pictures taken by a professional photographer will reflect your naturalness. And because modern women really appreciate their beauty, a photo shoot is another original and useful gift. Having decided to make such an unusual gift, you need to take care of the make-up artists and beauticians, although usually studio provides these services as a supplement.

Useful thing or a good friend
If none of the above gift options do not suit you, give your girlfriend a useful thing. A gift benefiting her beauty, home life or comfort is not less valuable than anything else. So, what can be useful? A set of quality cosmetic accessories, ink drawing, a brand new laptop, food processor and so on. Everything that brings benefit is fine. Also, it may be a puppy, but it is better to think twice before choosing this option. Buying a dog should be guided by the maximum liability. Such a gift as a parachute jump or a small dog should be carefully planned and coordinated with the girl.

What is a bad gift for a girl?

Lingerie is certainly valuable, but an ambiguous gift. You should buy it only in case if you are in a relationship akin to living together in one apartment.

Envelope with money
You can give money only on her request. Such a gift will be most welcome, if a girl raises money to buy a car or a new laptop.

Alcoholic beverages. According to the rules of etiquette, you shouldn’t give a women alcoholic beverages. A gift in the form of a kit consisting of a few bottles of whiskey or wine is perfect for men, rather than  for a sweet and charming woman.

Perfumes, eau de toilette, and other perfumed toiletries are the most irresponsible gift that a man can choose. Woman always chooses herself.

Surprisingly, buying an expensive piece of jewelry in the form of earrings or a diamond ring is not the best gift. As well as in case of the lingerie and perfumes, purchasing it, be sure to coordinate with your girlfriend. Pay attention to what she wants, show imagination, strive for originality, do not forget about the flowers. Don’t forget about flowers! Let it be a simple field daisy or a luxury bouquet of red roses. Give them all your affection and life will be much brighter, much more beautiful. Love and be loved!