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Volkswagen: Das Auto. Part I

The Volkswagen Concern, headquartered in Wolfsburg (Germany) is the world’s leading and largest European car manufacturer. In 2010, sales of the Group increased to 7.203 million. Vehicles, which corresponds to 11.4% of the global car market. Group sales in 2010 were amounted to 126.9 billion euros, after tax profit reached 7.2 billion euros. The range of the group covers a wide range of fuel-efficient small-displacement models and luxury cars. In the segment of commercial vehicles offer extends from pickup trucks to buses and heavy trucks. The main goal of the concern is the production of attractive, safe and environmental friendly vehicles which are competitive on the market in the face of increasing competition and the world standard for its class.
Volkswagen Amarok






For the first time the Volkswagen Amarok was presented in 2009 in Hanover under the name Volkswagen Pickup Concept. Serial production established in the autumn of 2009. The Amarok was developed completely from scratch. The vehicle has impressive size, its length is 5254 mm, width – 1944/1954 mm, height – 1834 mm. The exterior is made in the style of the Volkswagen brand: fog lights integrated into the front bumper, a sufficiently massive false radiator grille, distinctive headlamps. The interior of the Amarok is quiet and comfortable and roomy. Devices are organized very practical. Everything is very practical and finishing materials are neat and strict. Everything is great about this vehicle, even the rear row of seats can be folded in order to organize additional space for luggage.

Volkswagen Beetle






The Volkswagen Beetle opened the first page of its history in 1938, as well as the history of the famous Volkswagen concern.  The Beetle was the first car made by the Volkswagen. Since the Second World War, its production was suspended, and the Volkswagen plant engaged in the implementation of military orders. And only in 1946, the Beetle production was restored and started up on the conveyor. The company’s policy was simple – the release of a model – “Bug”. This strategic plan allows to improve constantly produced car and much more, while expanding production and establishing a network service. The Volkswagen Beetle has conquered the world by a combination of unusual appearance with a robust simplicity and its absolute harmony.

Volkswagen Cabrio





The Volkswagen Cabrio pleases  with its behavior on the road. It can boast of good smoothness, road holding and handling.  It creates the impression that you are driving “premium” passenger car rather than a modest “hatchback» Golf-class. Smartness and discipline in everything, impeccable workmanship and assembly. The handling is exemplary: the car willingly goes into the turn and dutifully keeps the desired trajectory. And in versions with more powerful engines, the Cabrio behavior is predictable and can be easily corrected  with”gas”, it is a real pleasure to drive. Suspension is rather stiff, but has high power consumption and reliably absorbs bumps – not only the smallest. So smooth ride is guaranteed.

Volkswagen Cabriolet






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Volkswagen Campmobile




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Volkswagen Corrado





The Volkswagen Corrado was released in 1988. The word “Sorrer” in Spanish means “to rush, to pursue.” The manufacturer decided that its new creature will be inexpensive and compact, in full accordance with the “people’s car” concept. The exterior design is a squat silhouette with the whimsically curved waist line, short rear overhang and elongated hood and almost flat “front” is crowned by exclusive rectangular optics. The Corrado front suspension is independent, rear is semi-dependent beam. The car has good stability at high speeds and also holds the road well. In 1995, the Corrado production was discontinued. 92.521 cars were released in the period of production.

Volkswagen CC





The Volkswagen Passat CC is built on the VW Passat B6 platform. It was released in 2008. Doubling of letters in the end of the model name represents the German phrase “Comfort-Coupe”. Sport body style really resonates with the concept of the comfort – coupe. It is known that the Volkswagen Passat CC was designed by Germans not as a modification of the conventional “Passat”. A completely different car, more comfortable class, which occupies a niche between the classic and the Phaeton. Most of the interior decorations are not so different from the classic Passat. However, a strong sense of more expensive car does not leave due chubby steering, better seats, new complex multimedia system and climate control. Pretty cheap plastic that is used throughout the interior of the VW Passat CC did not spoil the impression of a premium sedan.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe






The Volkswagen Cross Coupe is based on the platform of the new Volkswagen Golf. Buyers have become accustomed to the so-called off-road coupe, thanks to the BMW with its X6. The Cross Coupe is shorter than the Tiguan but at the same it has a bigger wheelbase. This means that the vehicle has a small overhangs that makes a positive impact on its off-road capabilities of the vehicle. The big wheelbase allowed to make a very spacious interior, the second-row seats passengers will be happy. The Cross Coupe with its sloping back and huge 20-inch wheels looks much more interesting than the ordinary Tiguan. The off-road coupe runs on the electric power. But without gasoline, it can go for 45 km. Largely thanks to long battery life.
Volkswagen Dasher






The original Volkswagen Passat was sold in the United States as the Dasher. The mid-size car is produced by the Volkswagen Group since 1974. The Volkswagen Dasher is built on the base of the popular in those years Audi 80. The car has quickly found fame and recognition among consumers as a quality and reliable family car. The VW Dasher was the sensational vehicle, which was first used longitudinally positioned engine with liquid cooling. Despite the fact that the  VW Dasher consumer interest was high, eventually the concern felt the need to produce a more modern car. This problem was posed in front of the Volkswagen engineers from year to year. Thus, this model has a lot of generations.

Volkswagen Eos






Convertibles with a metal roof, retractable into the trunk are really popular. The Volswagen offered customers a four-seater convertible with a five-section roof CSC. As a bonus, the roof has a quite large sunroof. Hard convertible top allows you to see the VW Eos in several interpretations, and they all are great. The interior is adjusted ergonomically and harmonious. Front seats are electrically adjustable. For the first time the VW model is equipped with the Easy Entry system, returning the seat to its original position after landing passengers on the second row. This car is possible to operate year-round, has a high-quality interior with four full-fledged seats and a decent dynamics. The magnificent roof-transformer is a source of good mood. Even if you just watch the work of its mechanism, relaxation is provided to you.
Volkswagen Eurovan






The Volkswagen Eurovan is a mid-size minivan that is used mostly for commercial purposes. Until recently, the only available version of the Eurovan was a camper. Originally the refining of this model was up to the German company Westfalia, but then it was taken by the manufacturer of mobile homes Winnebago. Although the advantage of the previous generations was roomy inside, the vehicle has a very spacious cabin that can handle bulky cargos without effort. The latest generation is equipped with a powerful engine VR6 from the Jetta and the GTI. This van has a rather good performance, very roomy salon and can provide a decent comfort for the driver.