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Tudor Fastrider

Baselworld 2015 introduced a lot of innovations in the world of luxury wristwatches and jewelry. But in spite of this, there was the only one novelty which managed to make happy both precise timepieces lovers and Ducati fans.

Let me introduce you to Fastrider Chronograph, a result of efficient collaboration between Tudor and Ducati. From the first sight it can seem that there’s nothing similar between Swiss watches and world-famous Italian motorcycles. But this story began in 2011, and united efforts of two absolutely different brands were oriented on creation of reliable, functional and catchy chronograph. A wristwatch which would combine the reliability and elegance of Tudor with attractiveness and speed of Ducati. And their joint brainchild, Fastrider Chronograph, is a perfect proof that this partnership was extremely successful.


Fastrider’s design was inspired by legendary Ducati Scrambler, and they have a lot in common. They both are an incarnation of style, sport, pace, freedom and usability. Fastrider and Scrambler even have the same color options: original yellow, provocative red and modern olive green. Support holder is the same for any model – matt black, and it looks just fascinating in contrast with stainless steel case. Wristlet has two available material options: black leather or rubber. Leather looks more classical, reflecting retro spirit. In turn, matt rubber is sportier and technically more associated with motorcycles.


But obviously Fastrider Chronograph is not only about design. You will be also pleasantly surprised if you check its functions. It has a manual winding system, and its energy reserve is 46 hours. Except luminescent time indicators and pointers, you can also see a date and a tachymeter scale on the dial. Moreover, the dial is protected by the sapphire glass, resistant to scratches. And even if you decide to ride to the seacoast and swim, you can still keep your Fastrider on your wrist. It is waterproof up to 150 meters of depth.

Thereby, Tudor Fastrider Chronograph is perfectly considered from every side. It unites modern high technologies and essential spirit of freedom. This is a wristwatch with temper – confident, indomitable, fearless and a bit reckless. And it requires a master with the same character and soul. This combination of quality and design in one wristwatch will be a great company for every man who can’t imagine himself without speed, roads and adventures.