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The Warriors’ Historic Season is Kept By a Championship

Today, only a few people remember that Golden State repeatedly became NBA champions. The first time it happened in 1946. Then they were able to repeat their achievement in 1956. It took  20 years for the team to once again become champions. It happened in 1975, before the appearance of cable television, personal computers, video games, Apple products, CD-DVD-Blu-ray disks, Internet, etc. “Golden State” defeated “Washington” thanks to the Rick Barry’s brilliant game. He was one of the twenty-five best players in the history and the best striker of his generation. Then “Warriors” missed the chance for re-coronation – Barry got into a fight with Rick Sobers at the start of the seventh game of the finals. Being angry about the fact that his teammates did not stand up for him, he refused to throw during the whole second half.

40 years later, the “Warriors” once again becomes a champion. The team started the season very well and achieved victory after victory. The “Warriors” was able to guarantee a way out into the playoffs way before the end of the series.

In the playoffs, Golden State beat such teams as Houston, Memphis and New Orleans. And then the long-awaited moment of the finals came, Cleveland Cavaliers headed by LeBron James  turned out to be their opponent. “Golden State Warriors” achieved to win the game against “Cleveland Cavaliers” with a score of 108: 100. James scored 44 points, setting a personal record. Stephen Curry was recognized as the best player of “Warriors”, he made 8 assists and scored 26 points.

The second match ended with a victory of “Cleveland Cavaliers”. They achieved victory with a score of 95:93, thereby leveling the score in the series. “Cleveland Cavaliers” won in the third match playing at home and took the lead in the series. Closer to the end “Warriors” started to reduce the gap and were able to get really close to the opponent. But the end of the match was held under the dictation of “Cleveland” – the final score was 96:91.

The fourth game was really epic. “Golden State Warriors” smashed “Cleveland Cavaliers” with a score of 103: 82. Thus, the score in the series became 2-2. Everyone wondered if “Warriors” can make a miracle happen. At the “Oracle Arena” “Warriors” won with a score of 103: 82. Golden State dominated during almost the whole game. The first half was held on an equal footing. At the long break “Warriors” went winning only one point. Nevertheless, at the end of the game the scoreboard showed 104: 91.

There were only a few people who believed in the victory of Cleveland, both in series and in front of its family stands before the sixth game. No matter how LeBron cheered up his partners before the match saying that they have nowhere to retreat, the difference in the depth and selection of players once again proved that there is no way to win this game. In the first quarter “Cavaliers” made 9 losses, what turned into 14 points of “Warriors” response. In the regular season the team from Ohio played 14 games, and made 9 or fewer losses for the entire match.

The second quarter brought no surprises. Golden State’s advantage was almost total, although closer to the end “Warriors” temporarily decreased the number of points scored, but the ball was quite successfully moving around the court. The visitors made 16 assists and 18 accurate shots during the first half.

In the third quarter, Cleveland led by James was obviously tired. Warriors scored points ignoring the closed leaders. Curry and Thompson scored  only two points during the quarter. At the same time Ezel became the most productive player of the quarter. The man scored 8 points while Iguodala was the most accurate player with 3 successful shots out of 6.

Cleveland couldn’t make a difference in the final quarter. Green and Iguodala scored 5 out of 12 free throws, leaving Cleveland no chances to save the match. The game ended with a 6 point difference.

The final series of the NBA season 2014/15 has gathered the greatest TV audience since 1998, when Michael Jordan won his last title with “Chicago”. The number of viewers who watched the finale on ABC channel was 19.94 million per game.

“I promise all the fans that we will find out how to win the title.  We will definitely achieve it even if takes our lives,” – Curry wrote in his microblog in the “Twitter” six years ago. Well, the man kept his word.

Golden State sets an NBA record, deservedly winning the title, making Steve Kerr the first rookie coach, who managed to win the trophy. The whole world was watching this team, and even those who previously were not fans of the “Warriors”, started to support them. Thus, the team wrote the modern history of the NBA, gaining more and more fans around the globe.

Unfortunately this season Warriors  lost Blazer with a score of 5: 1, but there is feeling that next season they will show their champions character again.