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The Truth About Hangover Cures

The list of hangover treatments is  endless, ranging from pasta at night and ending with swallowing tablets. So let’s look at what can really help and what can only worsen the overall condition of our body.

Myth: a hangover is not worth paying attention to

FACT: A hangover is the reaction of the organism in case of poisoning by excessive amounts of alcohol. Heavy drinking disrupts the nervous system. Alcohol affects the brain chemicals, which causes headache, dizziness and nausea and makes us run to the kitchen for a drink of water (as the excessive use of alcohol causes dehydration). In the morning after a stormy night out, you can wake up with a severe headache, fatigue, dry mouth, nausea and abdominal discomfort, and significantly weakened immune system.

Myth: men and women experience hangovers equally

FACT: While drinking the same  beverages, women get drunk much faster than men. There is an explanation. Men have a higher percentage of fluid in the body, which helps dilute the consumed alcohol. Therefore, when a woman and a man drink the same amount of alcohol, a lot more alcohol gets into the woman’s blood.

Myth: hangover begins only after an incredible amount of alcohol

FACT: Of course, a large amount of alcohol is likely to lead to a hangover. But according to the constitution of the body, a couple of small glasses of alcohol can result in headaches and other symptoms of a hangover. Drink water or other non-alcoholic beverages between each glass of beer or a strong drink, so you can stay hydrated and to dilute the alcohol with enters the body (thereby reducing its assimilation).

Myth: wine never causes a hangover

FACT: red wine contains tannin, a component known as a major cause of headaches in some people. Malt beverages such as whisky also cause a serious hangover. If you want to feel good in the morning, the best choice is beer and light liquor.

Myth: dietary cocktails are the best choice

FACT: Diet cocktails help control calorie intake, but they will not work to avoid a hangover. The study showed that the consumption of fruits, fruit juices and other sugary liquids boost the hangover.

Myth: first beer, then something stronger

FACT: It’s all in the amount of alcohol, but not in a sequence of different drinks reception. The order of beverage consumption may affect the amount of their consumption. If at first you drink a cocktail, and then decided to drink beer  for the rest of the evening, thereby you reduce the consumption of alcohol. But if you alternate beer with vodka, then a strong intoxication occurs much faster than you think. Of course, too much of liquor will worsen the general condition, even if you started with beer.

Myth: pasta before bedtime

FACT: This is wrong for two reasons. Firstly, eating at bedtime (after you have drunk) will not help. Food should get into the stomach before the happy moments of alcohol consumption. Secondly, while the food slows the assimilation of alcohol, the fat is digested very well. So eat a slice of pizza before the first martinis and perhaps you will be able to avoid a hangover. Drink water before going to bed, it will reduce the degree of dehydration.

Myth: pain pills before going to bed

FACT: OTC pills begin to operate as efficiently as possible in four hours, so the effect of the pill will disappear in the morning. So better take the tablets in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Do not take acetaminophen (paracetamol) after a stormy night. Alcohol disrupts the process of acetaminophen metabolizing and can even lead to inflammation or liver failure.

Myth: Alcohol provides a good sleep

FACT: Alcohol disrupts sleep. While a small glass of alcohol at night can help fall asleep faster, the large amounts of alcohol can greatly disrupt sleep. You won’t be able to sleep enough during the phase with rapid eye movement, and most likely you will quickly wake up. If you drink too much, the hangover may occur in the latter stages of sleep, and accordingly will prevent you from going back to sleep.

Myth: Alcohol cocktail in the morning is the best cure for a hangover

FACT: A lot of alcohol in the morning will not cure a hangover, but only worsen the condition. If you drink a cocktail during the breakfast, then you can experience an unpleasant condition. But if you cannot be dispensed without a refreshing cocktail in the morning, you may want to talk about it with your doctor (as it is an obvious sign of the initial stage of alcoholism).
Myth: coffee in the morning

FACT: Coffee leads to more dehydration, so it is not an option. After a night of drinking it is better to avoid caffeine. Have a drink of water or energy drinks to reduce dehydration and to remedy the lack of electrolytes. This is especially important if there are nausea and vomiting in addition to the unpleasant state.
Myth: herbal medicine

FACT: British researchers looked at all available studies on the medical facilities of a hangover such as artichoke extract and yeast. The researchers concluded that these remedies are not an effective way to fight a hangover. Another group of British scientists received an extract of prickly pine, which helps to reduce the nausea and dry mouth that can accompany a hangover. But at the same time, it is powerless against the headache. The only proven tool is time.
THIS IS NOT A MYTH: Alcohol poisons the body

FACT: Alcohol poisoning is dangerous to your life, it requires immediate medical care. If you notice that someone is constantly vomiting or lost consciousness, then you must call a doctor. Otherwise, it may cause shock and strong dehydration.