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The New Eco Trend

Today, natural materials are very fashionable and trendy. Benefits from the use of natural resources are no longer in doubt, unlike artificial processed products.

“Eco style” fashion clothing and accessories are a sign of good taste and high status. Eco-fashion is becoming a new fashion trend, which is all about the love of life and nature. The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about natural materials is wood. According to masters, wood has positive qualities for our health.

Wood watches
Let us take a closer look at the Fellwood brand, which provide a truly unique product.

Stylish Wrist Watch FEELWOOD ALASKA is made of maple wood, which gives them a lighter shade. This accessory looks absolutely natural and lightly.
Wooden watch is absolutely practical – it is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and can handle a short wetting. This accessory is suitable for jeans and a formal suit.

FEELWOOD TRUMP watch looks elegant and able to emphasize the status of the owner. The dark walnut shade gives this watch the official reticence, and Japanese quartz mechanism adds confidence in their reliability.
The original implementation of the accessory can not fail to attract the attention of others, as in fact it is a know-how.

The history of the brand Feelwood is also interesting. It all began with a trip…

The creator of the fashion brand has decided to explore the world and traveled to Thailand. Hitchhiking in the far country, he was shocked by the beauty of nature, the vast Ukrainian steppes, deserts of Kazakhstan, China and Laos small towns. Only such a cleansing pilgrimage enables us to understand that only the nature is the most truthful. It is important for modern man to be able to touch a part of nature. The idea of creating Feelwood eco-brand came to his mind when he was enjoying the beauty created by nature.