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The Most Popular Aston Martin Models

Who does not like luxury cars? Today we will take a look at the world-famous brand Aston Martin and its most popular models.

Aston Martin is a legendary company which produces ultra-expensive supercars. It is a division of the Ford Motor Company. The company acquired its name on the Aston Clinton hill, where one of the founders have won driving the Singer-10. Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin are the founders of the brand, who constructed their first lightweight sports car named the Coventry-Simples on the base of the Isotta-Fraschini. The company’s cars constantly took place in races, where they gained technical experience.  A lot of famous filmmakers took cars of this brand to showcase their beauty in the movie. Even today, the company is growing, and many people prefer models of this brand.


The DB9 is the first car of the company, manufactured in the new factory at Gaydon. It is also the first model built on the Vertical/Horizontal Platform. The developers say that this platform provides an unprecedented rigidity and lightness of the structure. The DB9 is not only the most advanced model of the company, but also the most popular car of the brand. The DB9’s interior is an example of a perfect mix of traditionalism and modernism. There are no shiny surfaces, only special wood and aluminum. Aluminum dashboard with the engraved emblem of the company accommodates four analog scales and a pair of high-resolution displays with service information. The exterior of this car is absolutely brilliant, it is a combination of aggressive shape and smooth lines.


The DB4 differs in all aspects from its predecessor the DB Mark III. This car’s unique design and high level of performance became the basis for the future cars of the brand, such as the Lagonda Rapide, the GT Zagato and its eventual replacement the DB5. The car became very popular among collectors of vintage cars. A total of 1,210 cars were built, of which 100 cars of Zagato version. The DB4 is a rare car to find, almost all of them have already fallen into serious collections. The DB4 is an elegant car, emphasizing the status and good taste of its owner. Driving the DB4 you will get a lot of attention and will definitely stand out in traffic.


The Aston Martin DB5’s production began in 1963. This car was designed by the Italian company Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. The DB5 was an upgraded version of the previous model called the DB4. In addition to convertible and coupe, the Aston Martin DB5 was released as a three-door station wagon. In 1965, Harold Radford bodywork studio released a batch of ten Shooting Brake cars. This model became popular after its appearance in the “Goldfinger” movie in 1964 – one of the films in the James Bond series. The filmmakers have paid a lot of attention to the Silver coupe. Later, this model appeared in several movies, thanks to its attractive exterior and rich interior.


The Aston Martin DB6 is a Gran Turismo car that was manufactured in the UK in the period from 1965 to 1971. It received some design features taken from the DB4GT and the DB5. Having the same front as the DB5, the DB6 model differed with distinctly cut back with raised tailgate, which also acted as a spoiler. It improves aerodynamics, increases down force and provides the ability to develop a high speed. The exterior of the car is dominated by smooth lines what emphasizing the DB6’s grace and elegance. The interior featured leather seats, Wilton carpet, and wooden or aluminium steering wheel. Inside the car looks rich and aristocratic, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and made of high quality materials.


The Aston Martin DB7 is a Gran Turismo class car, which has been available as a coupe and as a convertible. Like most cars in this class, this car is designed for two adults and two children. The DB7 was launched in 1993, and thanks to design from Ian Callum and Keith Helfet, the car looks brilliant. The DB7 stands out almost in all aspects: build quality, ergonomics, and engine note – everything is on the highest level. The DB7 is the archetypal Bond car. Raffishly handsome, effortlessly quick,  a car with imposing pedigree. The interior features Jaguar and Ford switchgear in some places, however, it’s so wisely used that only a specialist would spot it. In fact, the interior is as pleasing to the eye as the impetuous lines of the body.


The Aston Martin DBS is a choice of maximalists from all over the world. The luxury sports car was first presented to the audience in 2008. The DBS had to replace the old model Vanquish S, which was later removed from production. At first it was planned to release a limited edition of the Aston Martin DBS, but the number of those wishing to buy this luxury car grew, and the company had to put the car into mass production. The car’s weight is just 3990 lb. It was achieved thanks to its lightweight roof and the use of carbon fiber in the construction. There is an adaptive air suspension ADS among the design features, with allows you to change the ride height of the car, depending on traffic or weather conditions. This model is also known as a James Bond car just like its ancestor the DB5.


Now let us take a look at the Aston Martin Lagonda. In the mid-seventies, the British company Aston Martin experienced financial difficulties. It was necessary to create something new. That is how the Lagonda appeared, it was the most expensive sedan of the brand, which managed to get the attention of customers. Very charismatic, huge, low, wide – it’s all about this car. Typical for its time, angular design with a long hood, huge wheel arches, located almost at the level of the side windows. Fully manual assembly and a number of technical innovations were the winning qualities of the car. The Lagonda’s interior is fully consistent with the status of this sedan. This is the first car that gets digital dashboard and an integrated on-board computer, not to mention high-quality finishing materials. An interesting fact is that the development of electronics cost more than the design of the car itself.


The Aston Martin One-77 is an exclusive rear-wheel drive coupe released in amount of 77 copies. The first appearance of the car was held at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009, but by that time all copies were already sold. Marek Reichman was the chief designer of the project, also he designed such models as the DBS and the Rapide. The base of the One-77 is a carbon fiber monocoque, while the body panels are made of aluminum, what provided a minimum weight of the car with maximum rigidity of the body. This car’s suspension is no less technological. It is a structure on two wishbones with horizontal springs and dampers whose characteristics are controlled by Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve technology. All copies of the One-77 were manufactured at the Aston Martin plant in Gaydon. 27 specialists spent 2,700 man-hours on the assembly of the interior of each car.


The Aston Martin Rapide is the most beautiful sedan built according to the latest technological trends. Using the DB9 platform, engineers lengthened the wheelbase and worked on the rigidity of the body. The Aston Martin Rapide has an attractive sporty body. Excluding hood, front doors and other elements of the body, taken from the DB9, the rest was developed completely from scratch. The engineers have done a great job, aimed at reducing the vehicle’s weight. The front fenders are made of composite materials, all four doors and the top are made of extruded aluminum, and the rear panels are steel. The Aston Martin Rapide has almost perfect weight distribution of the body. Basic equipment of the Aston Martin Rapide includes a 6 airbags, multimedia, navigation, cruise control, and climate control.


The Aston Martin V8 was manufactured by the company since 1969. Just like the rest of the Aston Martins, the V-8  was entirely handbuilt. Each car required about 1,200 man-hours to be built. The Aston Martin’s fans demanded an 8-cylinder car for a long time, so the company had to create a larger car. The car’s  engine was not complete,  so the company launched the DBS equipped with the engine borrowed from the DB6. In two years, Tadek Marek’s engine was finally finished, and the company launched the DBS V8. Once the Vantage’s production was stopped, the restyled DBS V8 was named simply the Aston Martin V8. The car became a real success and remained the mainstream car for many years.


The Aston Martin Vanquish is an exclusive British supercar with a noble pedigree. The shape of the body reflects all the traditional features of the brand: agility, swiftness, recessed lights closed by transparent fairing, and elegant interior. In contrast to the DB7, this model received a bigger grille that gives the car its aggressive look. The headlights and turn indicators are now made in a single block. According to the company, this model is at the top of the model line. The new Aston Martin Vanquish is built on the new platform with lightweight carbon elements, what allowed to increase the rigidity of the body. The Vanquish’s cabin can accommodate people of any constitution without any inconvenience. The interior is filled with a gleam of aluminum and rich trim materials.


The Vantage is a luxury sports car with aggressive design. This car has a rigid body completely made of composite materials and aluminum, making the car much lighter. The Vantage is entirely handbuilt by order, which means a perfect quality of the car. You can also order an absolutely unique color scheme of the interior. Basic equipment includes 4 airbags, audio system, climate control, navigation system, and full power accessories. This model is the most affordable Aston Martin in the model line of the company. The Vantage is a real English sports car with all the attributes of aristocracy in every detail. The ergonomics of the interior is designed to trifles. Exclusive, high-quality finishing materials once again underline the luxury of the model. The Vantage provides supreme driving pleasure and exciting dynamics.


The debut of the supercar Aston Martin Virage was held at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2011. The novelty has taken an intermediate position between the models DB9 and DBS. The Aston Martin Virage is based on the aluminum platform VH, which is based on aerospace technology, that allowed to make the supercar’s body very tough and light. Standard equipment includes carbon-ceramic brakes and adaptive shock absorbers, so the car is very stable on the road and totally predictable in a variety of driving conditions. The Virage can be equipped with a wide range of different options: heated seats, climate control, navigation system, entertainment system, the system Bluetooth “hands free”. The appearance of the car differs with grille with metal edges, stylish headlights with LED, bright tail lights and 20-inch wheels.


The story of the V8 Zagato starts with the Geneva Motor Show in 1986, where it was shown to the public. The model immediately attracted attention with its extraordinary shape developed by the Zagato studio. The Zagato’s design is a kind of a more modern interpretation of the DB4 GT Zagato. The exterior grille is a highly controversial part, it acquired a rectangular shape instead of smooth. The car is also distinguished by panoramic windows providing enhanced visibility. In 2011, the Aston Martin introduced its new concept the V12 Zagato, which was designed thanks to the creative ideas of Aston Martin and assistance from the Italian manufacturer Zagato. Due to the high popularity of the concept car, the company decided to run it into production. The Zagato is one of the most beautiful cars of the Aston Martin brand. Attention to details and complexity of execution of each line of the car is a testament to how carefully and painstakingly it was designed.