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The Most Effective Sex Lures

Psychologists have developed a method of seduction, summarizing the results of numerous scientific papers. So how to seduce a girl?

1. The first step is to make a potential partner laugh
According to the survey conducted at Stanford University, women are genetically predisposed to considered humorous attractive. They react to funny more than the stronger sex. This is illustrated by magnetic resonance imaging.

The tendency to a more enthusiastic perception of humor is evident in women with early childhood – roughly in 6 years of age.

Scientists claim that if a man will be able to make a woman laugh, then intercourse with her may come up to 48 percent faster.

– Men prefer women who seem to be witty – says Allan Reis from the same Stanford University. He refers to the parts of the brain responsible for sensory perception, which are excited when the female is having fun.

Smiling is also helpful. It provokes a response. After all, the amount of attention that people receive is very important. Representatives of the stronger sex, for example, called the women more attractive if they were shown images on which these women were smiling to the other men.

2. Good music
Tomography revealed: musical works prepare the brain to the intima. They excite the same brain zones as the sex. A similar phenomenon was observed literally by Canadian researchers from the Neuroscience Institute in Montreal.

Dr. Valori Salimpour was in charge of experiments, which recorded the brain activity in volunteers listening to music. And the more they liked it, the more the brain reacted. Its activity was enhanced even more if the sound was unfamiliar but pleasant.

During experiments, Valori and colleagues noticed that music affects the so-called pleasure center – a brain area that is active in anticipation of sex, and during it.

During the Canadian experiment, female volunteers listened to different music for about 30 seconds each. It was enough to detect hidden in the subconscious brain sexual response. Will it be enough for the explicit one? Well, you probably have to experiment yourself.

Psychologists from Massachusetts suggest not to have a first date at a jazz or classical music concert. This kind of music somehow lowers the attraction, while soft rock and other simple melodies enhance it.

3. Red wine
The scientists of Turin and the University of Florence conducted tests on 798 women. They asked women to drink one or two glasses of red wine daily. Then the researchers evaluated sexual activity on several parameters: attraction, excitability, lubrication, orgasm intensity, pain.

The result of this experiment published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that those who drank one or two glasses have intensified desire and lubrication,and  reduced or completely eliminated pain.

4. Pour the coffee to make her more compliant
“Girl, would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?” A rare representative of the fairer sex will accept such an offer literally. For a long time, it has played the role of implicit invitation to continue the dialogue in a more intimate setting. However, men still make coffee following the rules of good manners. Maybe even more than one cup. Thus, one hopes to get to the next level, while the other wants to have a pleasant conversation. Then a woman suddenly and quite unexpectedly turns out to be very close to a man. What happened?

The secret was revealed by American scientists from Southwestern University. They found that coffee makes people want to have sex.

– The female rats which received a dose of caffeine were more willing to contact with males, – said the head of the experiments Faye Guarrchi – and after a sexual act quickly sought for the second.

The researcher says that the surprising effect of varying strengths was noted in all examined rats. And she believes that people behave in the same way.

The Australian University of Queensland found that people are easier to influence after a certain dose of coffee.

The volunteers expressed their opinion on a certain issue. Then they were divided into two groups. One drank coffee, the other didn’t, but both were persuaded to change their mind.

It turned out that people who did not drink coffee, almost didn’t change their mind. But on the contrary, fans of the flavored drink gave up their mind real fast.

5. Master the language of the body
Canadian scientists assure that the body language ensures 55% success in the sense of pushing women to the intima, while spoken words contribute only 7%.
Body language is all about poses. They need to be open: do not cross your arms or legs. The best thing is to repeat the position of the partner up to copying her movements from time to time. For example, to sip from the cup at the same time.

6. Add the experiences
American scientists have concluded that men and women who are in the stage of convergence should go through extreme or dramatic situation. It is not necessary to jump from a bungee. You can watch a movie,  but make sure it is a gripping thriller.

7. Chemistry
Researchers from Oxford offer two ways: make sports together, for example, go for a run; eat chocolate. Both increase the concentration of several “love” neurotransmitters and hormones such as vasopressin, which causes males to attach females, dopamine, which makes people happy, and phenylethylamine, which causes excitement and a vague presentiment of something good.

8. Eye contact
Neuroscientists say that looking into each other’s eyes is an act of strong emotional impact. It is able to create a sense of intimacy even between strangers.

9. “Funny pictures” might work
Some psychologists advise to take a chance and offer to watch an erotic video with the lady. They refer to the survey data, which indicates that more than 50% of women react adequately. Of course, you can scare the lady, if she belongs to the other half.


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