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The Most Attractive Male Scents

Which notes should be in your toilet water? Female are animals by nature, so choose a men’s scent right. What fragrances awaken women  from the dream, which quicken the pulse, which soothe and give a sense of security?

“Jake smells differently – smoke and something sweet. Perhaps life …” – Jenny Downham, “As long as I’m alive ”

Women do choose men by smell. By these attractive animalistic charms. So what should a man smell like to make the right impression ?

The sense of smell is the strongest anchor, by means of which a man can stuck in the female’s heart. The sense of smell is the strongest of the human senses. Nothing compares to it, no vision, no hearing, no tactile feedback. Pictures evaporate quickly from memory, word order can knock down, and touch can be replaced with a new one. But the smell is the very note that your memory holds can again restore everything: pictures, letters, intonations, and the main thing – feelings.

Here are a few smells that can drive any woman crazy:
The musk. Its mixing with the man’s natural scent gives a man an inexplicable sex appeal in the eyes of a woman, because this animalistic note is the strongest aphrodisiac. It is impossible to overdo with musk, because it merges with the natural smell of the skin.
The leather. Yes, leather notes. Since ancient times, men wore the skin of animals. At the genetic level, any woman would take note of this courageous smellg. After all, it is proof that the men was able to kill an animal, he is brave, strong, and able to feed his family.

The incense. The smell of churches is one of the gifts brought by the Magi to Jesus, it is the smell of grace. And even the most aggressive-minded atheists will nod to the question “Does the incense give a sense of calm?”. Yes, definitely. The incense is used in almost all religions, shamanic rituals, it soothes the soul. And a woman will always feel peacefully with such a man.

 The vetiver. If incense soothes the soul, the vetiver calms the body, giving a feeling of relaxed security.

But no note will ever be compared with your personal note, and everyone has his own one: someone smell like wormwood, someone like tart honey, someone has a sweet vanilla note, someone’s body plays chords of sandalwood.

So, if you come up with a woman, she came to your smell.

And incense, vetiver, leather or musk will simply boost the feelings even more.