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The IWC Portuguese Siderale Scafusia: the space on a wrist

The famous Swiss watch manufacture IWC introduced the most complicated watch in its history. To create this model with a unique mechanism IWC Portuguese Siderale Scafusia watchmakers spent more than 10 years for research.


Fantastic mechanism of the new model

As a result, we have a difficult, but very fantastic mechanism IWC Calibre 94900, which consists of 500 the miniature details. This IWC Portuguese Siderale Scafusia is gathered only under the order.

Space IWC watches

A unique set of complications is represented in the flagship model of the company. The sky map is located on the back case of the unique model.

The tourbillon on the IWC case looks fantastic. It is made from the lightest material – titanium. The dial with a stellar time is placed above this fashionable complication – that allows removing the effects of gravity on the accuracy of the watch.

IWC Portuguese Siderale Scafusia

Thus, the model Portuguese Siderale Scafusia is the world’s first timepiece that allows you to indicate solar and sidereal time simultaneously. If the first indicator we use all the time, then the second is required for some astronomers.

Each Portuguese Siderale Scafusia exemplar is adjusted for a wearer, depending on the place of his or her residence.

Fashionable design trends

Fashion Black Dial profitable emphasizes the dignity of complications, while the case material can be created on request – platinum or rose gold. The strap is made of leather and has a folding clasp made of the same material as the watch case.

The cost of the timepiece from IWC starting at $ 750,000.