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The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

The appearance of the first hand-held mobile phone in 1983 was a real revolution. No matter that device weighed a pound and cost 3995 dollars – it was a breakthrough. The modern mobile phone is definitely more convenient, effective, and sometime spectacular, as some models are designed as works of art, the possession of which indicates a certain status of the owner.

Then the doctors came and spoiled the mood. “Mobile phones are harmful to health”, – they said. And so it began…

The British became the main troublemakers. The National Committee on Radiological Protection (NRPB) and a leading expert – Sir William Stewart, if to be more exact. In one of his statements in 2000, he stressed that although the harm from mobile phones is not yet proven, children with such devices need to communicate as little as possible.

And from that time an exchange of blows between the camps of supporters and opponents of the safety of mobile phones began. A sequence of researches was conducted by different institutions. For example, some have argued that the microwaves emitted by the phone during a call to create a microwave effect to the brain, others refute this assertion.

In 2001, Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research program (MTHR) was established in the UK. The objective of the project consisted of the collection and processing of all information related to mobile technologies and their impact on the human body.

Mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves, which are unlikely to be useful.

Cell phones emit electromagnetic waves. There is no way around this, as it’s the main and the only principle of their work so far. First of all, doctors were concerned by the incidence of malignant tumors in users of mobile gadgets. Moreover, reports of various studies remind front-line reports. Here are some examples:

2004. Swedish researchers found that the incidence of tumors of the auditory nerve in those who use mobile phones for 10 years is twice more than in those who do not use the phone.

2006. Danish scientists studied a group of patients suffering from various brain tumors. They concluded that heavy use of mobile phones does not increase the incidence of tumor development.

2007. Finnish researchers have identified a group of patients with a specific tumor of the nervous system – glioma. No connection was found with a frequency of mobile communication. However, if we consider this parameter as the term of use of phones, it turns out that the “veterans” of the mobile front are more likely to develop this very glioma on the side of the head to which apparatus is usually applied. The probability is 40 percent higher than in the “no mobile phone” half.

August 2007. Israeli scientists led by Prof. Rony Seger found that non-thermal radiation of the mobile phone triggers an extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK1 / 2) – natural chemicals that stimulate cell division and growth. The experiments used the electromagnetic radiation with frequency range is similar to mobile phone radiation, but ten times weaker.

September 2007. In the UK, a 6-year study on the above-mentioned MTHR program was ended. The conclusion, however, was not a surprise. The experts have predicted that the significant differences in the incidence of tumors in different “mobile” and “immobile” citizens will not be detected. The differences were within the statistical error.

Professor Lawrie Challis, who led the study, explained that there could be no other result. Six years is a too short period of observation. The minimum exposure required for the appearance of tumors including malignant is ten or even fifteen years. Like it was, for example, while collecting evidences for the carcinogenicity of cigarettes. Research on MTHR, which cost the British treasury 8.4 million pounds will continue.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) data, national governments and research institutes invested more than $ 250 million in studies of the effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health over the past 10 years.
Hands free
In 2005, the results of another study were published, where a group of scientists led by Dr Stuart Porter from the Faculty of Electronics at the University of York has shown that the «handsfree» reduces the radiation from mobile phones.

A similar study in 2001 showed exactly the opposite – these accessories only enhance the exposure of the brain. According to Porter, the study was flawed, because the results have not been verified by independent experts, and research methodology was outdated. In addition, the scientist believes mobile communication devices and additional equipment for them become better and safer.

Strong recommendation to use «handsfree» was immediately incorporated into all security guides of mobile devices.

In addition to the insidious “radiation”, some blame cell phones for a negative impact on sleep. The Belgian researchers studied the behavior of 13-15-year-old owners of the cell phone. It turned out that many teenagers take the phone to bed and continue to communicate with their friends via SMS or messengers. And it lasts up to 3 a.m. Well, what body can stand such a mockery?

“Mobile phones impair sperm quality,” – said the Hungarian experts in 2004. They were supported by the Indian scientists in 2006. However, both studies found no support among colleagues. Moreover, the authors have been subjected to harsh criticism of incorrect methods of data collection and evaluation. Indeed, mobile phones can be associated with a decrease in male fertility, but again – indirectly. The most intensive users of cell phones are business people, whose way of life is far from healthy: chronic stress, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, irregular meals. And these factors have a negative impact on the male genitalia.

Tunnel syndrome and inflammation of the tendons of the fingers of the right hand are not associated with the phone itself, but with the excessive enthusiasm of text communication.

Not guilty!
The conclusion is simple. Actually, cell phone does not cause harm to the body, if it is not being used so frequently that actually becomes part of the body.

Talking on the mobile phone for no more than 30-40 minutes a day, to use «handsfree», do not put the phone under the pillow to wake up at night from the imaginary vibration, not to buy used devices or of dubious quality – there will be no problems.