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Sylvester Stallone

Do you remember such movies as “Cliffhanger”, “Demolition Man”, “Judge Dredd” or “Daylight”? And what’s about series of Rocky and Rambo films? All these titles may definitely sound familiar to you, because every above-mentioned movie has turned into a true, famous and well-liked masterpiece. And, obviously, such popularity is based not only on efficient collaboration of directors, camera operators, stunt persons and other professionals (although their role in movie creation is extremely important and complicated). In turn, a considerable merit belongs also to the main actor of these films – Sylvester Stallone. His name has already become a legend, and here are some interesting facts about him.

1. Stallone’s world famous curve smile is not a specific facial expression at all. Instead, it is an aftereffect of birth injury. One more consequence was a speech defect, but he managed to overcome it. And that was a great achievement because it might be very difficult to become an actor if you have considerable problems with your speech and pronunciation.


2. Stallone wrote a script to the movie “Rocky” and this film became his pass to the world of serious cinema. Studio offered him $150 000 of honorarium, but Stallone agreed to sell his script only for the main role. By the way, at that time he was not as rich as now.  He had only something around $106 at his bank account.

3. By the way, Stallone used the same method for “Rambo”, because the movie director didn’t want him to play the main role.

4. One more fact about the scripts – Stallone doesn’t like to act in movies which scenarios were written by someone except him. Even if he agrees to participate in such a project, he usually rewrites the words of his character.

5. Even in spite of extremely successful cinema carrier, Stallone is still dreaming of the theater. His long way to actor recognition started exactly at the theater stage, and he didn’t forget it.

6. American Film Institute has acknowledged Stallone as one of the greatest actors ever. Love of the viewers and respect of cinema authorities. Sounds like everything a successful actor can dream about, doesn’t it?

7. Him first gym was at the city dump, where he used all the suitable trash instead of weight and other sports equipment.


8. If you like video games, check “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”. And if you are attentive enough, you can definitely notice there an advertisement of Stallone’s movie.

9. Stallone got four Golden Raspberries (it is like Oscar Award, but inside out) for the worst male role! Can you imagine this? Moreover, he was nominated for the same prize nine times more.

10. He had been excluded from different schools more than ten times. In any case, problems with education and tutors’ misunderstanding didn’t prevent Stallone from becoming a professional and famous actor.

11. As many other celebrities Sylvester Stallone has his favorite watch brand. And, actually, he has exceptionally good choice, since he is an ardent follower of Officine Panerai. The first model which Stallone has accidentally advertised on the screens of cinemas and TV sets was Panerai Luminor Marina Submersible. And if you have ever seen “Daylight”, you may know that this wristwatch has proved its endurance and reliability on practice, while Stallone’s character was saving people from drowned tunnels. And that was not the end of this volunteer marketing campaign. Stallone bought around 200 wristwatches, engraved his signature on their cases, and gave as presents to his friends and colleagues. For Panerai that was a victory. Their timepieces have subjugated the whole United States and Hollywood in particular.


After the “Daylight” release and its stunning success, grateful Officine Panerai company decided to develop and design a special collection of limited edition – Slytech. Obviously, Stallone and collectors of rare and unique watches were delighted, but that was not the end of mutual compliments exchange. In 2008 Sylvester Stallone returned to role of fearless John Rambo. And try to guess what wristwatch this war veteran prefers? Exactly, you are right, it is Panerai. Panerai Marina Base PVD, which turned out to be perfectly suitable for the role in such a movie.


Later Stallone started working on the well-known action movie “The Expendables”, and this film became a new step in Panerai history. This time Sylvester was not only the script writer. He also managed the responsibilities of director and producer. And, obviously, actor. As Stallone was the main creator and inspirer of “The Expendables”, he let himself to demand other main actors to wear wristwatches of the same brand. Such a requirement was fulfilled with pleasure, which turned into another unintentional Panerai advertisement. By the way, you can even meet Officine Panerai in the movie caption!

Such a constant tendency and devotion to the brand is an exceptionally good and efficient support to Panerai reputation. And, definitely, this is not last surprise prepared for us by consummate Sylvester Stallone. There are plenty of new movies, scripts, exploits and watches ahead. And be sure – he will for certain impress you.