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Should You Go To a Psychologist Together?

Reasons for weak erections can be very different. Usually men explain the decline in potency by stress, problems at work or in the family, depression or simply fatigue. But in about 80% of cases, erectile dysfunction is a consequence of organic disorders – hormonal diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, prostate, diabetes, and various neurological disorders. Unpleasant disease itself can signal a very serious health problems as a whole, therefore, in no case should be self-medicated. Spotting the first signs of impotence, you should immediately go to a therapist, who will refer you to the profile doctor. Organic impotence is perfectly treatable, if we discard inappropriate shyness and see a specialist in time.

However, if you have passed all the necessary tests, and the doctors did not find any abnormality, it can be assumed that erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological reasons.

Psychogenic impotence is quite rare – only two out of ten cases. Where does it come from? It occurs in the same way the neuroses, chronic fatigue and other common illnesses of our time. Inability to cope with stress and to resolve conflicts in the world of relationships may lead to erectile dysfunction. But it is only a psychotherapist or a family psychologist who can understand the problem, and help deal with this scourge.

And then we come to a very delicate point. To go to a healer alone or together with your partner?

Many men tend to take full responsibility for any of life’s complexities and deal with their problems without assistants. But can erectile dysfunction be considered as exclusively “his problem”? Like it or not, and this fact affects the relationship in a pair. Any woman very quickly notice the slightest change in the behavior of her men. The coldness and detachment just cannot be taken for granted.

Psychologists say that impotence of a partner becomes no less testing for a woman than for a man. Not knowing what is going on, the women begin to “cheat” themselves, assuming the worst – out of love, found another, he is going to leave the family… They panic, and often put pressure on the man asking questions, what reinforces the alienation arose. But a visit to a therapist to clarify the situation, and the endless quarrels could be avoided.

Studies show that over 80% of women whose husbands and partners are suffering from impotence, have any mental disorders, from depression to neurasthenia. Women who are not experiencing any moral discomfort this situation were recognized as frigid. Lack of sex and tense situation in the family significantly affect the female psyche. Ignoring the disease or trying to deal with it on their own, men often forget that it takes two for sex and, therefore, erectile dysfunction is the problem of couples. That is why it should be solved together.

Even the therapists recommend the therapy in a pair. During the session, each of the parties will have an opportunity to speak privately with the doctor. But if the cause of impotence lies in the psychological climate in the family, then you do not need to treat the individual, but the relationship as a whole.