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Sex Tricks You Often Forget

You should have sex as often as possible. Don’t forget to use your imagination and ingenuity. Here is a small schedule for the week of various sex.
You should have fun with your partner at least 9 times a week. Just add a drop of fantasy.


Overture: Nutritional Supplements

Erotic events with products are familiar to you thanks to “9 and a half weeks” movie. This film does not impose anything on anyone: it just shows another common method, and it’s all up to you what to put in your food basket.

– Kate, 26 years old:
“My husband and I love to play with the chocolate. There are bars with a very solid filling and a really thick layer of chocolate. It really turns me on as a foreplay.”

Sideshow: Ice and Fire

You will need an ice cube and a hot drink (tea or coffee). The method consists of alternate heating and cooling of your tongue and the immediate transfer of heat and cold to the trembling female flesh. However, the abrupt change in temperature is bad for teeth, so you can cool your penis instead of the tongue. But watch not to put it into the too hot drink. Do not overdo: only a couple of seconds is enough to cool it with cold water.


Overture: Wind in the chest

There is no man on earth who does not know the basics: if you want a female nipple to look swollen at the photo, you need to use a piece of ice. It always excites the nipple, but your girl may doesn’t like it. There are too sensitive women, and the ice is too hard and cold for them. But this does not mean that you can not do something nice for them. Just lick the nipple and then blow on it. It will certainly enhance her feelings.

Sideshow: Shaker

Rapid uncontrolled sex in office elevators and on the director’s table is no surprise. But sex on the washing machine is almost gone in the past, because these machines are no longer jump as expected.

– Ann, 29 years old:
“Once upon a time my husband lived in a five-storey building, where everything was old, including plumbing and neighbors. This apartment has one big plus: the right type of washing machine. During washing, my husband put me on it and we made love in the bathroom. Our machine was still new and did not jump all over the place during the spin, but only trembled. We almost did not have to move: the machine did everything for us. We tried to make love on modern machines, but they don’t work that way, because of less vibration.”



Overture: The Shadow of the North

It looks like “the wind in the chest”, but it is possible to enhance the effect using anything sucking or chewing with a strong menthol. But you should train this trick. Some fresheners produce such an effect, as if you drank a bottle of liquid nitrogen.

– Arina, 21 years old:
“Of course, the concept of” fresh breath” was strongly vulgarized by advertisers. Besides, they never show what happens to a girl when a guy rolls a couple of “Tic-Tac” with a girls’ nipple in the mouth.”

Sideshow: Controlled aggression

Squeeze her wrists to the bed, pull her hair, bite her shoulder lightly – a little violence in the bed can lead to unexpectedly pleasant results. Sexologists are convinced that one of the most common female sexual fantasies is rape. This does not mean that the lady need to visit slums more often. A familiar man simulating this action would be enough. Typically, women don’t speak about such desires, fearing that they will be considered as masochists. However, the body language can let you know if your woman wants you to be more rude.

If a woman suddenly starts to resist (not too hard), or to behave unexpectedly aggressive – biting lip, pushing or pulling off the lower part of your outer clothing, – it is likely she asks for rudeness. The main thing is to not overdo it. The perfect combination is rudeness mixed with tenderness.


Overture: Kiss of a dentist

Her eyes have charmed you from the very first moment, right? But now you have time to study other attractive parts. Two years later, you could lead a tour through her body, but this does not mean that you have found all the nooks. For example, the bridle between the upper lip and a gum is literally full of nerve endings that are waiting to be found by your tongue.

– Sarah, 23 years old:
“I always thought that I’m good at kissing, but my last man showed me how it should be done. He somehow touches my upper lip from the inside, so I immediately melt. None of my previous partners did anything like this.”

Sideshow: Fulcrum

A comfortable bed with headboard in the form of a lattice or gravestone is something you need. In addition to the introduction of Gothic elements, the construction will help the girl to move vigorously during the intercourse.

– Mary, 22 years old:
“It is very useful when there is something you can grab. Then it is possible to control the process, even if you are lying on the back. In addition, you can cling to the bars and leave no false nails on the partner’s back.”


Overture: Grease

The number of types of the lubricant in sexshops means that it has a lot of fans. It is absolutely necessary to use only in intimate places, and only in case of absence of natural moisture. Strawberry lubricant or even an ordinary baby oil can take your experience to the next level. Just don’t let your girl slip away from you at the most important moment. Moisturizing water-based lubricants not only add pleasant sensations, but also help to avoid problems, if your partner has a sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Sideshow: Blind Method

When one of your senses is turned off, the other five become stronger. To enhance the passion, tie the girl’s eyes. Your touches will be felt more strongly, since each of them will be a surprise for her. Touch her in unexpected places and with different intensity – from gentle stroking to light bites.

– Nicole, 30 years old:
“One day me and my boyfriend flew to Thailand, and I took a solid mask for sleep. We decided to test it at the hotel. He put it on me, and we made love being blind. It was a very strange but exciting feeling.”