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Sex Tips From Girls

Men talk to friends about sex no less than women. But you can rarely hear a conversation about sex between a man and a woman, what is bad for the sex life.
Quite a common problem of sex lies in the fact that men speak only to their friends about sex, and girls love to chat with their friends on the intima. This leads to the fact that everyone knows your gender point of view, but do not what the opposite wants. What lies in the secret lessons of women’s consciousness about sex?

Sex tips from girls

Sex advice from girls №1. Sex should be real

“She is a lover of purity, but dirty sex” Victoria Roa

Many magazines advise men to be careful with women in bed, be more gentle and. But it is not always correct. Women don’t like “making love” as much as “f***”. Many women complain that men treat them too gentle and careful in bed. Love is love, and sex is a different thing. Girls want power, dominance and some rudeness. Women go crazy when a man could hardly control himself. Women want real sex, but not vanilla stupidity.

Sex advice from girls №2. Dirty game

Women are more imaginative, impressionable and vocal creatures. They want more hints, flirting and dirty talk before sex and even foreplay. While having sex they want to hear not only your excited growl of a lion, but also dirty and vulgar words. The list of vulgar words for sex is different for everyone.

Sex advice from girls №3. No routine

A crucial role is played not even by sex itself, but what precedes it. Romantic date. Dinner. Flowers. Conversation. It is necessary to play. You must be able to lure them. Entice. Everything should be beautiful.

The atmosphere itself is even more important for women than the action. Constancy is good in love, but not in sex. Women do not like routine, just like you. Routine kills desire and attraction. The best sex is not a regular missionary sex on the weekends on the bed in the bedroom. Let the place, time and sex positions be different. Women want spontaneity, risk, diversity and dirtiness. Try different things you really like. Sexshops will come in handy as well.

Sex advice from girls №4. There must be a foreplay

Sometimes passion captures very fast and women want sex immediately, but in most cases it is a rare thing to happen. Foreplay is a sex game, the ability to tease each other. Most women love foreplay as much as the sex itself. Give women the opportunity to enjoy, and prepare to be excited. This is especially important if a man can not last long in bed or has not a very large penis.

Sex advice from girls №5. Change roles

Fantasy and role-playing games are great for sex. Become strangers, or play the role of another person. Act out a random situation and surrender to fantasy. Play roles of nurse and patient, teacher and student, boss and subordinate, stranger and stranger, modest and macho.
Sex advice from girls №6. More kisses

Girls love kisses all over the body. Women are not only happy when you kiss their lips and breasts, but the neck, abdomen, thighs, priests. Each woman has her own preferences, but almost every complains of too little sex kisses.

These tips will make your sex more memorable and spectacular. Engage in real sex, not pathetic imitations.