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Selfies are the Best Helpers During Shopping

You’ve finally found some time to buy some new clothing. You visited almost all stores on your way. You even tried on three shirts, a sweater and two kinds of trousers. It seems to be ok, but there is still something wrong. Common situation?

There is one secret on how shopping is more likely to bring you not disappointment, but a pleasant purchase. Well, it is selfie. A banal selfie can really help you decide in situations where uncertainty in relation to this or that thing appears.

No, we do not encourage you to do a “duck” face and immediately post it to Instagram. The purpose of selfie is to save the shopping – to help you get just the thing that will fit your style. Yes, those cool jeans looks simply stunning in advertising. But in order to objectively decide if they fit you or not, you need a view from the outside.

How to do a selfie?

First of all, choose a maximum of things that are going to be tried on and choose a very large, comfortable and well-lit dressing room, if there is such a possibility. Next check out three ways to get a successful selfie-session, at least two of which you must try.

1. Emotions. Putting on the thing that seems to you quite successful, take a photo of yourself, simulating your daily facial expressions. Now you are the actor: Demonstrate how you talk to a colleague, how think about something pleasant, about the sudden meeting with an old friend, etc. In other words, your task is to embody yourself in different emotional states. Be the most natural; do not look at the camera as this is the only way you’ll be able to look at yourself from the third person.

2. Pose. For this option, you just need a spacious dressing. Your main goal is to make a selfie in various poses (of course, the most familiar to you). Take a picture of yourself as if you sit in an office chair, leaned over to pick up a pen from the floor, lying on a sofa smoking your favorite hookah. You need to capture the look of the thing, when you take your most natural posture.

3. In motion. This method is not for shy, but that is something you can do for the sake of a good purchase. Ask the adviser to photograph you in a full-length. Forget about the distress – the man most likely sees you for the first and probably last time. Have a walk around the room,  jump and sit down. These exercises will show how comfortable those things you want to buy. Believe me, even the most stylish and trendy jeans can quickly go to the most distant shelf of your wardrobe, if it turns out that they hamper your movements.

When a photo session is finished, carry things to their place, but try to remember where each one of them hangs: it is possible that you will come back soon for purchase. If the consultant will show displeasure, tell him that you need to talk about it with your girlfriend – it works just fine. And, of course, be sure to sincerely thank him for his help.

Coming out of the store, switch to something else, distracting. Go watch a movie, drink coffee in the cafe or just have a walk in the park. And even better – go home and leave the purchase until tomorrow. In the morning you will look objectively at yourself and make exactly the right decision – to buy those things or not.

Ask your friends to evaluate your photos and give a piece of advice on what kind of things you should buy. Do not forget to check the battery as it will be very disappointing if your smartphone will go down at the crucial moment.