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Safe Sex on the Internet

In our time, the Internet has become an integral part of almost every person’s life. It is so interconnected with our daily life, that it is hard to imagine its absence. The internet is what makes our lives easier and more comfortable, more mobile. It was quite predictable that many aspects of our reality will be moved into the virtual space to save time, and just because it is easy and convenient. One of these things is the online dating.

To meet someone on the Internet is easier than in real society. The internet is a zone of almost absolute freedom and the expression of desires, which we must keep to ourselves in the real life due to various conditions, whether it be etiquette, or even a violation of the laws. It is easier to get rid of complexes in the online space.

For dating on the internet, there are many social networking sites of a common value (Facebook, Tweeter), and specialized which the main aim is to find a soul mate. One of the main reasons for dating with the opposite sex is sexual satisfaction. Long-term lack of sex often leads to the collapse of personal life. Negative attitude towards others, irritability – these are just some of the symptoms of a person, which suffers from a loneliness.

Naturally, when meeting on the web, you are not immune from the flurry of proposals to immediately engage in sex, but in turn, the Internet protects you from direct physical harassment. This is definitely a positive thing.

So, where do you start looking for a potential partner in the interactive space. First and foremost, you need to identify and understand whether you need a partner for serious relationship or just for sex for some time.

Sex without commitment: the simpler the goal is, the easier and faster to achieve it. Those who are less fortunate in a real relationship, or do not get their start due to lack of time, it is enough to throw a cry of: “I want sex!”, attach spicy photos, and… you can count down the seconds until the potential partners come. Of course, the quality and the contingent will be varied, you can do nothing with that. We perform a selection of candidates and choose the lucky winner. Well, what did you expect? Everybody wants! Perhaps these relationships will turn into something more serious.

Serious relationship: for a serious relationship that includes sex, you need to first find the subject of your feelings and desires. Strike up a dialogue aimed at a deeper acquaintance, so the partner begin to trust you and let you into his private space, sharing his time and revealing his feelings to you.

It must be remembered, the faster you move your virtual senses into the real world, the faster you will learn whether there are chances to implement this relationship physically.

To successfully achieve the goal of getting acquainted your relationship must pass these basic steps:

1) Virtual communication. With the help of correspondence in social networks.

2) The voice contact by phone or Skype.

3) Physical communication and contact.

You must not forget the dangers waiting for you at online dating. On any resource you may face the following participants:

Pickupers. Individuals who are looking for love with the sole purpose of seduction and replenish the collection of victories in the sexual arena.

Network trolls. They are amused by playing with your feelings. They will try to get you on the emotional conflict, getting a particular psychological pleasure.

Scammers. This contingent of users starts dating aimed at getting money and other material benefits from you. Remember! Your money is just your money. People accusing you for being miserly, cannot be justified by any well-feelings and intentions.

Regular visitors of chats \ forums. For them, online dating and chat have become a habit with the help of which they escape from boring daily reality. Their goal is often the subjugation of another person, rather than the desire to have sex.

Coming back to reality, I note that the Internet is certainly fun, but every year we care less about the reality, we are drowning in the stream of zeros and of ones harming our physical bodies. As one of the classics stated: “Have sex with each other, but not with the brains of each other!” (C) Have sex, love each other, do not hesitate express your feelings. Good luck with searching!