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Rolex watches manufacturing

1. Rolex uses complex and expensive materials

Many watch fans know that Rolex uses a unique type of steel. Stainless steel is not all the same. There can be a steel of different types and grades, and most of the watches are made of 316L steel. But Rolex makes its watches of 904L steel, and as far as known, Rolex is the only watch brand that uses this steel in watches production. In 1988 Rolex has made the first watch of the 904L steel. The 904L steel is more resistant to rust and corrosion, and a bit heavier than other types of steel. Such steel is very well polished and the watch looks more attractive. But, the production of 904L steel is much more laborious. In addition, Rolex produces all the watchcases within the company.


2. Rolex has its own research laboratory

Considering everything that Rolex had made over the years of its existence, it should not surprise that the company has an internal department of development and research. Rolex has not one, but several well-equipped research laboratories of the various fields of science. The purpose of these laboratories is not only to explore new watches. The aim is also to find the most effective production technologies. Therefore, the production of Rolex watches is a very organized and competent. Rolex laboratories are as varied as adorable. For example the chemistry lab is full of highly qualified specialists. The laboratory is used for research and development of oil and grease. Also in the laboratories of Rolex we can find a room with powerful electron microscopes and gas spectrometers. And of course the Rolex uses its own laboratory for watch testing. There is a so-called stress-laboratory.



3. All the watches are assembled manually

Of course, Rolex uses the robots, but only in those operations where the human work is not particularly important, these are the operations such as sorting, filing, storage, and very precise actions related to the treatment process. But all the watches, from the mechanism to the band are assembled manually. It should be noted that the arrows of the all Rolex watches, are still set manually by qualified personnel.


4. Rolex melts its own gold

Although Rolex has a few steel suppliers, but all the gold and platinum Rolex produces internally. Large furnaces are used to melt and mix the metals. Since Rolex regulates the production and processing of gold, the company provides not only quality, but also a beautiful appearance. Rolex is the only company that has its own foundry and melts gold.


5. Technology is the best friend of watchmaker

In fact, the reason why the watchmakers don’t use the machines is dual. The first is that the machines require huge investment. The second and most important, Rolex has the manufacturing requirements which are difficult to implement just by the robots. But still, Rolex uses robotic equipment in the full cycle of watches production. For example, a warehouse is completely robotic.

6. The security at the Rolex manufacture

There implement a thorough security check at the manufacture. At the every assembler workplace there is a double-checking system, the fingerprint control and electronic badge control. Therefore, Rolex has the ability to assign each watch mechanism with a serial number, which is photographed and consistent with the case number. In the future, during the watch service, the watchmaker has ability to trace the history of the watch. Rolex cares very carefully of the watches safety.


7. The army of gemologists works for Rolex

The responsibilities of this department include the checking, buying and testing precious stones. The department deals with authentication of diamonds and other precious stones. To ensure the absolute quality, Rolex checks each batch of diamonds. Each diamond or stone at the Rolex watch is carefully selected and inserted manually. In the case of exclusive watches, the jewelers make the watch according to customer requirements.

8. The manufacturing process of one Rolex watch takes about a year

And this is true. Rolex produces nearly a million watches per year, but no violations in technology occur. Rolex is interested in the quality. Production technology improves over the time, bringing the perfection, by improving processes and techniques. The transition from aluminum to the ceramic bezel is a good example. Of course, Rolex can accelerate the manufacturing process for some models, if needed. But there are time-consuming processes that are difficult to accelerate. For example, Rolex makes dials only within the company, and markers for watches are chained manually. It was found that the human eye is better to identify problem areas. As a result of all these factors, Rolex in tribute to fanatical devotion to the quality is spending average about one year for one watch production.

9. The watches for diving are tested separately in a special tank with water under pressure

The water resistance of the Rolex Oyster watches is thoroughly tested. The watch case is checked for water resistance before and after installing the movement. Initial examination of the case is held in the air chamber. After the air pressure test, the watch is tested for water resistance. The watches Rolex Submariner and Deepsea are tested in real water. Submariner watch must have 300 meters of water resistance and water must not get into the watch case. The watches Rolex Deep Sea are tested even more severely. Rolex in conjunction with COMEX had developed a special tank with water under high pressure. This machine creates a pressure, which is equivalent to pressure at a depth of 12,000 meters.


10. Almost complete production cycle clock runs at the factory Rolex

After everything that is written above it is not a big surprise that Rolex carries almost all of the production within the company and does not involve third party. Rolex does not produce the synthetic sapphire glass, and the arrows for the dials. Although it seems that in the coming years Rolex will master these production areas as well. Rolex produces its own gold, cases, bracelets, dials, bezels and movements with incredible efficiency and quality. Rolex is investing heavily in research and development. And the great value of the company is the intellectual property. After all, even with the original watch in hands the competitors can not repeat the technology of original Rolex watch. By releasing the watches on its own production, Rolex con be absolutely independent.