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Rolex Submariner

Have you ever thought about a combination of a diver watch and tuxedo? It sounds rather strange and almost unreal, isn’t it? But in fact there is one model of wristwatch which will look equally good and suitable both under water and at state reception.

Story of Rolex Submariner began in XX century, and since 1953 it was possible to stay under water but still follow your time. It was the first watch which could survive a submersion at a depth up to 100 meters and remain waterproof. And this is not a limit. Submariner has plenty of other features which make it unique and extremely reliable, even if you’re exploring a sunk ship in waters of the Atlantic.


1. Legendary Oyster case, which will amaze you with its resistance to scratches, strokes and other potential damages. Moreover, even its color can’t be easily affected by sun or water. And it doesn’t matter if it’s salt or chlorinated;
2. Corrosion-resistant bracelet, and there is no doubt that this quality is really important under water. Besides, a wristlet is regulated and fit up with Oysterlock fastener. You will never lose this watch;
3. Submariner model is equipped with a self-winding mechanism, so you don’t need to keep in mind the need of winding a spring by hand;
4. Triplock clock winder is exactly that detail which makes Submariner such a deep-water wrist watch. It’s almost as reliable as a real submarine. You definitely will be impressed – at modern Submariners this capsulation system can sustain the water pressure even at 300 meters!
5. Revolving support holder, the most exceptional Submariner detail, guarantees accurate time of your submersions or decompression stops;
6. The dial plate is equipped with steady blue lighting. It works up to 8 hours, thus you won’t get lost even in the darkest waters.

Submariner’s history numbers more than 60 years, and Rolex didn’t waste that time. Every new model becomes better and better, but still keeps the original spirit. What is more, it will suit your look everywhere – in the office, at a beach or at Great Barrier Reef, when you’re watching colorful sea-life.