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Rolex – James Bond watch

For the first time Rolex Submariner had been introduced to the public in 1972. Since then it was modified several times, so the first version of the famous watch has become a real object of desire for many collectors. Details of the dial, the form of arrows, as well as specific version of Submariner watch, now can be considered like an object of worship.


You can see the famous Rolex with identification number 5513 on the wrist of Roger Moore playing in renowned adventure action “Live and Let Die”. In addition, this watch helps James Bond in the most difficult situations. On the back of the Rolex Submariner watch we can see the inscription “Roger Moore 007″. The famous model has a small hole, where once there was a thin wire and with the help of this wire Bond was able to pull Miss Smith’s dress of during the filming of the famous movie scenes.

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In the “Live and Let Die” movie, Rolex Submariner 5513 watch were equipped with a special magnetic field generator by means of which 007 could stop a bullet and save himself and his girlfriend, played by famous actress Jane Seymour.

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The legendary brand Rolex adorned on the wrist of undercover secret agent 007 in nine films. Why does Ian Fleming the director of the cult film series chose Rolex watch for his hero? Most likely, the reason for this choice is the legendary quality of Rolex watches, their durability and reliability.