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Renault History And The Most Popular Models

Renault is the biggest car manufacturer in France. The company produces cars, trucks, busses and sports cars. The company is headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt  near Paris. Its history began when Louis Renault built his first car with an engine capacity of only 0.75 hp. The next car had a 1.75 hp engine was very successful, so Louis with his brothers organized the Renault Brothers company. In 1901, the Renault expands its range, developing a few new models. Later it concludes a contract with a licensed International assembly plant in Belgium. The Renault cars have added a bright trace in the history of world Motorsports. The Renault team  has repeatedly won in Paris-Dakar rally, 24 Hours of Le Mans and other big competitions. Some outstanding racing drivers cooperated with the brand – Nigel Mansell, Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost.


Renault Alliance production began in 1982 on the American Motors plant. This model is a front-drive car, which had a version with two- and four-door body.  It was equipped with engines of 1.4 and 1.7 liters pared with a manual transmission or a three-stage automatic. The Renault Alliance Convertible appeared in 1985, and in 1997 – two-door sedans and convertibles under the name Renault GTA with a two-liter engine was released. The Renault Alliance, being one of the most affordable cars in the USA gained popularity among customers immediately after its debut: only in 1983, 142 000 cars were sold, and  more than 200 thousand a year later. But the demand for compact cars in the US market, recovered from the effects of the fuel crisis, began to decline sharply. In 1987, American Motors Corporation was purchased by the Chrysler and the production of the model was discontinued.


Today, the Caravelle, along with brigantine is a symbol of romantic wanderings. The Caravelle got its name thanks to Columbus with a hint of geographical discovery made by him. The model was designed by Luigi Segre, the head and chief designer of the Ghia.  Before the start of exports the new model has emerged one very piquant circumstance which escaped the attention of the French marketers. It turned out they did not take into account the local American specificity: the relationship between the states, which are officially considered to be connected but had a distinct competitive coloring, and this mutual jealousy could seriously undermine the sales of cars, named in honor of one of the states. So it was then decided to use another, more neutral name of the car – the Caravelle.


The Renault Clio is 3- or 5-door compact hatchback, which won the title of Car of the Year 2006. It stands out from the competition thanks to its high level of passive safety. This model received five stars for Euro NCAP test. The Clio has a comfortable suspension, a roomy interior and a wide variety of powertrains. Basic equipment includes four airbags, air conditioning, ABS, on-board computer, immobilizer, adjustable tilt steering column, central locking, power windows, power mirrors, and audio system. A high quality interior decoration is a perfect complement for the attractive design. The inner dimensions of the cabin can comfortably accommodate four adult people. Ride quality can be described as a good ratio of dynamics and softness. The car’s suspension filters the unevenness of the road surface very smoothly, and the Clio perfectly holds its course when cornering.


The Dauphine development started back in 1949 and till the time of the presentation in 1956, the car experienced a variety of innovative solutions. For example, a survey of men and women about their demand for cars, meticulous attention to appearance, taking into account the tests in the wind tunnel. The car drove on different surfaces and weather conditions taking every small detail into account – behavior on the road, durability, suspension, insulation, comfort seats, and even the work of the stove. The Renault Dauphine is something special in terms of design. Most buyers appreciated its nearly symmetric rounded body with simple yet graceful forms. The Florida was built on the Dauphine’s base, it was the car which brought glory to the entire family. It was designed by Pierre Picard and has such a light, elegant and rapid forms that it immediately earned the title of the best small sports cars in France. Over 2 million cars belonging to the Dauphin family were produced.


The Renault Encore is a hatchback launched for the US market. It was similar to the European model 11 and was manufactured in the US, at a factory in the state of Wisconsin. This project was the result of cooperation between the companies Renault and American Motors Corporation, a large part of which belonged to the French manufacturer. The front-drive hatchback had versions with three or five doors. The Renault Encore was one of the most affordable cars, and therefore very popular among the youth audience. This model featured a satisfactory level of comfort and attractive exterior. The Encore’s steering is fairly sharp and sensitive. The car holds the road well, so it is very pleasant to drive. Initially, this car has been appreciated by US customers, but soon the demand for these hatchbacks began to steadily decline.


The Renault Fuego is a compact car manufactured by the Renault company in the period from 1980 till 1985. The model name is translated from Spanish as “fire”. The Fuego’s exterior features sports car properties: rapid and sharp design; 3-door hatchback body. The Fuego’s body also features a high rate of aerodynamic coefficient, which is 0.34. The car has a spacious interior, which is designed for 4 passengers. The basic equipment includes power steering and the audio system. Comfortable front seats have excellent lateral support. The luggage compartment is relatively small, but it can be significantly increased by folding the rear seats. The Fuego has a very sensitive and refined braking system. This model’s suspension is tough, so that the car holds the road well. Successful design and excellent handling characteristics allow the Renault Fuego to win the hearts of many drivers.


Amedeo Gordini is known to all who have little interest in the history of Motorsport. In the late 50-ies a successful racer and talented engineer began his partnership with the Renault, which resulted not only the racing Renault 8 Gordini, but also production models such as the Caravelle, the R5 Alpine Turbo, the R12 and the R17. The rear-engined Renault 8 Gordini became the star of the rally and circuit racing in the 60’s. Without a doubt, the Renault 8 Gordini is part of the automotive history of France. Since its release, this model has instantly captivated drivers: it was the first production car allowed them to feel like real racers. With this miniature sports car everyone can feel like a World Champion. The Renault 8 Gordini combines an exciting driving performance with an attractive price, so no wonder why it was so popular.


The Renault Laguna is a middle class car with a transverse engine and front wheel drive. The first generation received a galvanized body and reliably protected against corrosion. The Laguna’s interior deserves special attention. This model has a comfortable, spacious interior, which is made of luxury quality materials. Also the Laguna’s cabin features a solid dashboard and soft comfortable seats. The traditionally high level of safety includes the programmed crumple zones, rigid frame structure and beams in the doors. The appearance of the car can be described as solid and modest, while designed with great taste. Later models have a decent level of safety as well. The complex safety measures include ABS, ESP, AFU, six airbags, active head restraints, as well as innovative technology Fix4Sure, which prevents slippage of the passengers under the belt in case of a frontal collision.


The Renault Le Car is a front-wheel drive subcompact hatchback. In 1985 an updated model of the Renault Le Car was released, which possessed a more modern look and improved equipment. The car has a partially galvanized body protected from corrosion. The interior design is made in classic French style of the time: the angular lines of the instrument panel combined with a chopped exterior of the car. The Renault Le Car’s interior is convenient and comfortable. The cabin can accommodate 4 people, including the driver. This car is optimal for city driving, its small size allows you to feel comfortable in a congested metropolis and save time searching for a suitable parking place. The car has become very popular, and deservedly considered as one of the biggest successes of the company.


The Renault Modus is a family-type compact hatchback. The Modus is built on the so-called B platform. This model has a stylish and modern design of the exterior, which stands out with bold forms of the front with a vertical arrangement of the headlights. Its silhouette has a clear profile, the windscreen is pushed forward. A distinctive feature is the high roof, which gives a lot of space. The image turned out to be solid and bright. The interior deserves decent ratings – it is spacious, comfortable and ergonomic. Everything looks pretty informative and convenient.  The Modus has a small amount of luggage (198 liters), but it can be significantly increased by folding the rear seats. Much attention is paid to safety. The Modus is equipped with two front and two side airbags and two inflatable curtains. This model has received the highest score for the level of security.


The first generation of the Renault Megane has replaced the outdated Renault 19. But, in fact, the Renault Megane was similar to the previous model in many aspects and received minor technical changes. The Megan’s appearance is implemented in fresh corporate style. The main feature of the Megane’s exterior is a kind of bird’s beak, which is represented by the hood and grille. The Renault Megane’s first generation interior looks quite decent. The instrument panel features excellent ergonomics and functionality. The later models also represent the perfection of ergonomics. Everything is within reach, convenient and practical. The engine can be started by clicking the Start button. However, you need a key card as well. The key card is a small, almost the same size with an ordinary bank card, but slightly thicker.


The Automobile giant Renault, known thanks to its budgetary and practical passenger cars, also known by its freight division, which release the Renault R-Series. During its existence the division has passed a tortuous and difficult way. The scope of the use of the R-Series trucks is completely diverse. In addition to direct long-haul cargo transportations, the vehicle can be used as an unpretentious construction assistant. The vehicle can be equipped with tanks, concrete mixers, trailers, containers and other types of construction trailers. Simplicity and practicality of the R-Series is underlined by its unpretentious appearance. There are strict and clear forms with square side windows with a good view. Also, there are straight black lines on the level of the grille. The cabin is slightly narrowed to its top, making the Renault R-Series recognizable from afar.


The Renault Scenic is a compact van built on the basis of the Megane. This type of car is considered to be one of the most popular car classes in the world thanks to the mix of consumer qualities. Being a golf class model, the Scenic has the typical advantages of minivans such as an excellent visibility thanks to high landing,  a lot of options for interior transformation and large internal volume. The Scenic provides a lot of internal space without any decrease of ease of operation and maneuverability. The Scenic combines all the best qualities of a passenger car with the practicality and versatility of the minivans. This model is an irreplaceable family car that can provide a high level of safety as confirmed by the results of Euro NCAP crash tests.


The Renault Thalia is a front-wheel drive compact sedan built on the base of the popular hatchback Renault Clio. The Thalia’s design is almost identical to its progenitor the Clio, the only difference is an added trunk. The car has become very popular thanks to its practicality, availability, and ease of operating. The interior is spacious enough and made of quality materials. A large luggage compartment allows you to comfortably load and unload different cargoes without any difficulties. The car has quite an attractive appearance with sharp profile and smooth lines. The Thalia is modern, elegant and restrained car, which provides a high level of comfort and 100% of driving pleasure. This model embodies reliability, dynamics and beauty.


The passenger version of the Renault Trafic combines the unlimited functionality and comfort. This minivan impresses with its harmonious exterior. Teardrop-shaped headlights in conjunction with the original grille perfectly fit into the design. The wide opening side door with low doorsteps create perfect convenience when boarding and don’t impede the passage to the rear seats. Good resistance of the Renault Trafic is provided by a number of active systems, and safety is provided by several airbags (up to 8). The Trafic’s interior is very practical, comfortable and well organized. The Trafic can accommodate up to 9 passengers. The organization inside of the cabin gives a feeling of complete comfort. The equipment list is very versatile. Almost every option is for a fee and is not imposed in the base.