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Rating of Women’s Popular Sex Fantasies

Not only men fantasize about sex, but also women. Almost a third of women indulge in sexual dreams every day. Check out the most favorite erotic stories.

Almost a third of women indulge in spicy dreams every day, and another 46% at least once a week. The most favorite erotic scenes include: easy submission (20%) and sex in an unusual place (17%), but sex with celebrities suddenly hit the last line of the rating (3%) their loved ones remain the main character of women’s intimate dreams  (60%) . A new study dispelled common misconceptions about women’s sexual fantasies.

Contrary to popular stereotype, most women also think about sex. 46% of survey participants admitted that sexual fantasies visit them at least once a week, and another 32% indulge in pleasant thoughts daily. 15% manage to plunge into the intimate dreams once or twice a month, and only 7% more rarely.

The most sought-after women’s story turned out to be easy submission – women often present themselves as a “slave” 20% of respondents. It is followed by sex in an unusual place (17%) and sex with a very attractive man (15%). A threesome took the fourth place in the ranking (13%), then come role-playing games (11%) and sex with a stranger (9%). The role of “Madame” (5%), and sex with a woman or a celebrity (3%) appeared among the most unclaimed scenarios.

In general, most woman remain true to the beloved – 60% of respondents have their partners as the main characters of their dreams. 18% admitted that they imagine familiar men, 15% imagines sex with strangers and less than 1% – with celebrities.

At the same time only 44% of women solved to tell their partners about their fantasies. 21% prefer to share them with friends, and 35% keep them to themselves. It is interesting that men are silent about their fantasies more often (38%), and in a quarter of cases they are afraid of offending their second halves. Nevertheless, 62% of respondents aware of their men dreams, and only 2% of them are not interested.

Despite the fact that, according to the ladies, women’s and men’s fantasies are often not the same (48%), the majority believe that it is best to implement them (80%). 68% of women have tried to implement the desire of their beloved, and 65% managed to successfully carried out their own ones. Another 4% said that this experience was a failure for them. The most common area of failures were experiments based on BDSM, sex with a stranger and – unexpectedly – sex with the “ideal” man.

Rating of women’s popular sexual fantasies

In general, women believe that the more they have sex, the more they fantasize about it (55%). However, statistics only partially confirmed this statement: in addition to ladies with intense sex lives, among the most active “dreamers” were those who manage to do “it” at best once a month. At the same time women aged 45-55, , workers of education and science, industry and construction indulge in intimate day-dreams more often

The research once again dispelled the myth that sexual fantasies are the prerogative of men. But the proportion of couples who talk openly about their desires looks anxious, because isolation is a direct way to misunderstanding and frustration. On the other hand, the indiscriminate implementation of any of desires is unsafe. Implementation of certain scenarios such as BDSM requires some training, otherwise such games can turn out to be disappointing and can cause injuries. Sex in unusual places can lead not to orgasm, but to the police station. A threesome, although it is one of the most popular fantasies of men and even some women causes serious disorders in the pair. It is best to use toys “for two” or special techniques, simulating the presence of a third persone.