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Places Where You Should Not Have Sex

Passion, lust and sexual attraction can suddenly descend, so you decide to have sex in a random location. Places where sex can end with injuries, infections and other troubles.

We all have a couple of fun places in our “oh, I had sex there” list. The back seat of the car, stairs, maybe even a public place or two. But in some places it is better not to engage in sex, as this can lead to unpleasant consequences.

1. In a moving car
Well, this place doesn’t need a lot of special comments. And so it is clear that sex in a moving car is very dangerous. But if this is not enough and you need cold, hard facts, here they are. According to a recent study at the University of South Dakota, conducted for the analysis and prevention of accidents, 9 percent of women and 33 percent of men admitted that they had sex while driving. More than a third of them have exceeded the speed limit; another third have lost control over the vehicle; and 11 percent admitted that they all let go the steering wheel. Seriously, you better stop the damn car. Sex will be as hot, but you won’t kill or harm anybody including yourself.

2. In the pool
It sounds and looks sexy when in the movie, because sex seems to be awesome in the water. But it is not that cool, as you think it is. Chlorine contained in the pool causes vaginal pH changes, which may lead to yeast infections. Even if the water is chlorinated enough, it still contains almost all kinds of germs that cause various infections when enter the vagina. Moreover, the water can cause vaginal dryness. It washes away the natural lubrication and friction may cause the micro-abrasions.

3. In the ocean
Who does not want to have sex in the ocean? The ocean is one of the most wide-open, beautiful spaces where you could be. Plus, there is no chlorine in the water and if the water is clean enough, you can see the bottom and feel like a sea creature. Nevertheless, some Italian lovers literally sticked to each other while trying to have sex in the ocean. Doctors had to make an injection to expand the cervix and to separate the lovers. Probably, there was no more awkward case in medical practice. In general, any water is a breeding ground for germs that cause various infections.

4. On the balcony
Balconies are very romantic, and if you love heights or at least are not afraid of it, you certainly want to have sex there at least once in your life, because it’s so sexy. But here’s the thing: in fact, it is extremely dangerous. One couple was having sex on the balcony on the seventh floor in London. According to witnesses, during intercourse, they both fell down and died. And this is just one example of the huge number of similar cases! It’s hard to believe – but people really frequently fall from the balcony during sex. It is not worth it! Making love on the balcony, you will not even notice how many prying eyes (and smartphones) are watching you with great interest from the surrounding windows.

5. On the beach
Of course, every one of us dreamed about having sex on the beach. The huge number of films has convinced us that this is the hottest thing ever. However, according to Alyssa Dvek, Doctor of Medicine, eventually making love in the sand can bring a lot of unwanted consequences such as pain, cuts and infections. In order not to injure the bodies, try to have sex at a very large blanket or a deck chair.

6. In a public toilet
There are way too many different infections that you can get while having sex in a public toilet. These are not the infections, which can be transmitted through sexual contact, but each with its unpleasant consequences. Having sex in such a dirty place, you can even catch hepatitis or bacillary dysentery. Perhaps it looks cool in youth comedies, but it is much less fun in a real life. Besides, think for yourself… From all points of view, the atmosphere of a public toilet will kill any romance.

7. In the office
If you love your job and do not want to quit, you should not risk everything for having sex in the office. You should remember that there is always a risk of being caught (even if you locked the door). Sex in the office is nothing but a ticking time bomb. Of course, you can remain vivid memories of lovemaking on the desktop of your boss, but you can also ruin your career and reputation. You never know where your boss could install some hidden cameras.

Having sex in these places can ruin your life instead of becoming some bright memories. Vary your sex life, but do not put yourself into dangerous or awkward situations.