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One Night Stands

Sex without commitment for only one night and immediately on the first date is no surprise in our time . On the contrary, it becomes commonplace, practiced by many people. And one can argue long, good or bad, right or wrong – this does not change the fact.

One night sex. There is something that makes people go against their beliefs, to deviate from their principles and stereotypes and start breaking bad (within one night and one woman though).

The thirst for passion and adventure, a desire to change something in yourself and your life, a desire to have a particular woman at a particular time, right here and right now – that’s what drives a man to the one-time sex. It does not matter that he knew the woman for a half-hour, and even does not know her name – he is ready to throw away all doubts and plunge into the ocean of passion.
Maybe sex for one night is not so bad? Maybe it has its charm? When you meet a woman and do not look at her as a potential mate, when you don’t care if she snores at night or not, and how much she loves her mother, when you do not care about her passion for collecting soft toys, when you can not bother about your relationship, when you have an opportunity to relax and express yourself without fear of frightening her with your temperament and demands.

So what are the benefits of one night sex?

Pleasures of sex for one night
No commitments and heart-to-heart talks. You do not need to spend hours listening to her complaints and lamentations. You do not have to admire her new blouse (except the minimum for the sake of decency, in the framework of the program for one night). You do not need any false confessions and evidences of sympathy.

The inability to detect any significant disadvantages. Maybe she cannot imagine her life without pets, while you cannot stand cats and dogs, and maybe she hates football, and maybe she is not smart. You won’t have time to learn all that.

Honesty in such a relationship. You both know what you are going to do and  simply rejoice with a new experience and the opportunity to experience unusual sexual sensations. And when you disperse in different directions, there won’t be any regrets.
One night sex leaves no time for lies and subterfuges due to its transient nature. Well, is there any need to lie to you new “friend”? After all, you can finally honestly tell about your preferences in bed without fear of being misunderstood and rejected. You are doing it for the opportunity to open up and have max fun.

Admit it, it is worth trying. But is everything so nice and rosy? And why so many condemn sex for one night? Why some renounce repeating such experiments?

Disadvantages of sex for one night
Sometimes it’s hard to relax with someone you don’t know.

There is absolutely no guarantee that the random partner will fulfill all the expectations. It quite often happens that a man disappoints in the choice made, but the evening is already irretrievably lost, and the mood is already spoiled. But you wanted it in order to have some fun.

A one-time sex with an unfamiliar woman is fraught with all sorts of negative consequences such as the ability to catch a sexually transmitted disease (sometimes a whole bunch). Agree, it’s silly / uncomfortable / ashamed to require a medical certificate from a pretty girl sitting next to you in a bar. Sooner or later, many men who abuse sex for one night find themselves in the office of a venereologist.

Random sex doesn’t  flow into something more serious in almost one hundred percent of cases. Naked sex for the sake of sex. But it may happen that after a passionate night you just lose your head and fall for her.

That’s why one-time sex sometimes does not bring satisfaction and happiness.

We understand that the above-described advantages and disadvantages of sex for one night are unlikely to make you engage in it or decide to refuse this idea. Well, it wasn’t the point.

We just want you to understand that the sex for one night is fun, but nothing more. And you need to treat it appropriately (easily and without regrets). Do not try using it to solve your internal psychological problems. This will only aggravate the situation.