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Must-Follow Rules for Men Who Want to Dress Well

Not every man can boast of good taste and impeccable knowledge of style (not to mention the fashion). This is normal, because we are not women to read magazines about fashion and follow the latest collections.

But you just need to know what mistakes should be avoided in the selection of clothing. You do not want to remain without attention of beautiful girls, right?

We have a couple of tips for you to remember.

1. Size
Remember that hanging clothes look shabby. If you wear a jacket two sizes larger, your shoulders will not look wider. In an extreme case (post-apocalypse, nuclear winter, civil unrest) ask someone to hem a jacket.

2. The rule of three buttons
There should be no more than three buttons on your jacket. And yes, button your jacket on one button, so that your shoulders appear wider and the waist slimmer.

3. Suspenders and a belt are to choose from, but not together

4. The short-sleeved shirt under the jacket
Do not do that, this is one of the mistakes made in the summer. Put on only long shirts so cups stick out from under the sleeves.

5. Buttons on the jacket
Never button the bottom button of your jacket. Do not ask why is it there, as no one knows. By the way, the same applies to cardigans and waistcoats.

6. Label
There is a label on the suit sleeve, do not forget to tear it off. If you took the costume for rent, check if the label is not sticking out of the sleeve, or some smart guy will think that you have forgotten to tear it off, and will do it for you.

7. Tuxedo and tie

For the future: tuxedo and tie are incompatible. Bowtie, bowtie, and once again bowtie, it is an ideal complement to the tuxedo (remember the movie with Jackie Chan). Although, seriously, where can we go wearing a tuxedo with a bowtie?

8. The belt and shoes should be of one color, but it applies to business attire

9. Pants must have a fold on the front of the crease

If they are folded on all sides, they are too big, and too big things (as you already know) are not worth buying.

10. Your tie should end in the middle of your belt buckle or waistband

11. Do not wear a jacket, which is longer than a coat

Why? Just imagine a sleeve sticking out of your coat.

12. If you are not a storekeeper or a priest, do not wear a black suit every day

13. Cases with belt loop are not cool

At least, such is considered to be a relic from the 90’s, when the first mobile phones belonged to “businessmen” who wore those silly sweaters.

14. Old-fashioned shoes

No matter how much you love your old, comfortable shoes, throw them away. Let them rest in peace.

15. Your favorite socks with sandals

Why do you do it? If it is cold, put  your running shoes on. Forget about fashion shows you may have seen, as it is another world. However, such a stupid combo looks very bad even on the podium.

16. Tie and a short shirt

Just imagine it… A solid man will never dress such a combination. Only fast food workers can do it.

17. Shoes

Shoes should always be clean and not worn-out. Sneakers, shoes and boots should be worn with a suitable clothing. Some wear shoes with sports trousers, but do not stoop to that level. Wear loafers and sneakers with jeans, shoes with a suit, it’s simple.

18. The length of the trousers

Of course, the pants should cover the socks.

19. Socks and shoes

Wear socks with suitable shoes. The color of socks is important.

Follow all these rules and you will look neat, stylish, cool, and no beautiful girl will pass by you.