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Mental Illnesses of Successful People

The XXI century has given rise to success diseases. What are these disorders and why are they dangerous? We asked our expert – a head of the department of the Border States and Somatoform Disorders from the Research Institute of Social and Forensic Psychiatry and Toxicology, Professor Paul Osman.

Aggressive boss syndrome
Having made a quick career and trying to keep their success, these people abide the rules adopted in the modern society and begin to play certain social roles.

This syndrome is common for successful people such as managers, senior managers and politicians.

“The successful society needs its heroes – those who are constantly smiling, love their work, wearing expensive suits and always wins, – says Paul -. But among successful people, there are a lot of introverts who are slow in the morning, always in a bad mood and are prone to melancholy. Mismatch with generally accepted standards leads to a constant internal conflict, which results in a “blind” dissatisfaction with time, this feeling grows and poures on the heads of others: employees, family members or innocent passers. For example, during the first episode of aggression a man can break the dishes. The next time he can throw chairs out the window, and eventually starts fighting with irritating people. Sometimes aggression turns into the desire for self-destruction, which is expressed in enthusiasm for debilitating diets, exhausting workouts or frequent drinking.”

How to cope with the problem? It is pointless to treat this condition with the help of some medications, as people with pathological aggression develop “immunity” to drugs. Therefore the treatment must be provided in conjunction with psychotherapy. And a patient should reconsider his priorities, a sense of aggression may arise from the fact that he is in the wrong business.

Manager wife syndrome
Its victims are the wives of successful men (politicians, businessmen, actors, bankers and senior managers) who suddenly became rich. You may be surprised, but many of us are not quite ready for the opportunities that money can bring. As a rule, it happens to thinking women who are accustomed to some duties, responsibilities, who aspire to self-realization and want to be necessary and useful.

A sudden wealth dictates new rules of the game. There is no need to work, raise their children or cook. Money can push the wife of a successful businessman back  from her usual duties, leaving it out of business, then she finally loses her vital landmarks and starts to rush between a variety of hobbies, then she disappoints and comes to a complete psychological impasse. So no wonder why women can get such psychosomatic diseases as obesity, heart disease, anorexia nervosa and various phobias. And no matter how often they may go to the doctors – the result of treatment will be close to zero.

Try to figure out the root cause of your illness and find a new meaning of life.

Retired official syndrome
It is a men’s disease, which affects representatives of the higher echelons of power. For them, the resignation from the occupied positions is comparable to the collapse of life, because with the loss of a place in the management apparatus, they are deprived of various privileges and a sense of self-worth. The doorman is no longer smiling to them, no one serves coffee, etc. At such moments, retired officials are persecuted by a feeling of rapid fall from dizzying heights of success. Trying to protect themselves from the coming shock, they unconsciously develop different disorders. They begin to suffer from insomnia, joint diseases, cardiovascular system and nervous disorders.

To avoid this syndrome, take the antidote in the form of a daily dose of self-criticism. Think about where you started. Find a hobby for the soul, in which you are able to achieve success – it will help keep your importance in your own eyes at the proper level.

“The Mexican” syndrome
Today, more and more successful business woman and middle managers become victims of the Mexican syndrome.

Another disease of our time is addiction to the television series. Previously it was a problem of pensioners and housewives, for which the surrounding reality narrowed down to three components: the store, kitchen and TV.

“Please note that all series have a very specific shooting technique – explains Paul. – You will not find any action scenes. All scenes are filmed close-up and usually are built on dialogues. The reason is not a lack of money for special effects and stunts. It is a subtle psychological move, which creates a sense of maximum realism of what is happening.”

Another trick many women “bought” is a lack of dynamics. On the one hand it seems to be annoying, as you ought to watch 100 series to understand that Don Juan loves Mama Choli. But  real life events are also developing quite slowly. The creators of soap operas make a bet on this similarity.

Most successful women are tired of the abundance of information and responsibilities, which fall down on their heads every day. So they develop an unconscious seeking for peace If circumstances prevent the victim from watching the next series of the soap opera, they become irritable, lose sleep and appetite.

Try to find new sources of pleasure that fill your life with new colors. You can try to skip at least a couple of series of your favorite soap opera.

You should see a doctor if:

  • You break the dishes on purpose
  • You cannot find a reason to love yourself
  • You regularly watch series for more than a month
  • You suffer from disorders after dismissal