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Married VS Single

All people in the world want to be happy, loved and protected. But when it comes to creating a new family and taking responsibility for it, it often turns out that the stronger sex is “not ready”, he “will take time.” So what are the pros and cons?

For some reason men do not like to marry. At least, a lot of men. It seems to be inherent in their genes, because I have no other way to explain it. When a man is afraid of a serious relationship, commitments and burdens of household – this is understandable, because we all like to live easily. But when an adult lives with another adult for years, every weekend they go together to buy garbage bags and cleaning supplies, regularly see each other, they have a dog, but one still considers wedding to be a too difficult step… Well it seems to strange.

Plus: It’s a cliché, but true: clean socks, ironed trousers, delicious dining, cleanliness of the apartment and full fridge – that’s what makes us feel like a complete person rather than Australopithecus. When a man has quarreled in traffic and received a scolding from the boss, it is nice to go back to his little kingdom of comfort and peace, which is so skillfully managed by a woman.

Minus: The need to adapt to the partner. Sometimes it is a very difficult thing to do.

Plus: a new spiritual level. You will have someone who is like minded and will understand you as no one else. There will be someone who whill trully empathize you and with whom you can share all of your doubts, anxiety and sadness.

Minus: You already can not fully belong to yourself. Previously, my friend could not live without the danger and thrills: parkour, skydiving, hitchhiking trips to different countries, which are not always safe. But a couple of years ago, he married and then became a father. Now, the most extreme thing in his life is skating in the winter from a hill in the yard. At the same he did not stop loving thrill. “You know, once I started to think not only about myself, – he says. – Now I think that if I break my neck, the son will be an orphan. And if I become a cripple, who will take care of us?” I can draw the following conclusions: a married man, and the more a parent can not put his desires and whims on the first place, if they can somehow hurt people dependent on him. It is better to do all the mess before marriage.

Plus:  When the puzzle is composed, harmony is guaranteed. Take care of each other, listen to your beloved one and everything is going to fine.

Minus: Marriage is a hard work. It’s like a continuation of the previous paragraph. Harmony and unity from the very beginning are very rare. But it happens. My great-grandmother married her husband at the age of 22, and since then they hadn’t quarreled. Their relationship was based on a compromise. There’s some reason this word is a synonym for the word “love.” Dying, the grandfather said, “Yes, my love, we had a great life. Probably none of our sons will find such a harmony.” Most couples are drowning in scandals and conflicts or move to an understanding over the years.

Plus: You become the native people. However, this applies only to registered marriage. There are situations where a stamp in the passport is very handy: there are all sorts of documents and formalities like specifics and do not recognize the sentiment. They do not understand that “a piece of paper does not mean anything for us” and that “the main thing is love,” and that “we are just too lazy to go to the registry office.” While you don’t have these “pieces of paper” and the stamp, by law, you are no one to each other. Consequently, you have respective rights.

There comes a time in every man’s life when you have to decide – to remain single and continue, or choose a companion and marry? Most marriage fades into the background. Much more important are study, work, career. Studies in institutes and universities are very popular and in demand. While the men are concerned about finding their place in life and in society, women are from childhood begin to dream about the wedding. Men rarely take part in the wedding preparations. Basically, they just choose a suit and decide what to buy a ring. All the rest lie on the shoulders of relatives of the bride.

Marriage is an important event, opening up new opportunities. It brings not only joy, but also a concern, disappointment. Many couples tying the knot, are not ready for the responsibility and the challenges that await them beyond the threshold of the registrar.

Men are in no hurry to get married. Someone accustomed to live alone and no longer able to change their habits. Some do not want to give part of their earnings to family needs. They are afraid of responsibility, new duties, restrictions on freedom, control of the wife.

Among other advantages of marriage are the following:

1. Regular sex.

2. Abundant food.

3. Clean house.

4. Clean linen and clothes.

According to statistics, more than 90% of men marry not because of  love, but by a certain necessity. Among the main reasons for marriage in the lead mercenary motives is sex. Some people just get tired of  washing, cooking and cleaning.

For women cons of marriage are the following points:

1. Permanent stay in the kitchen.

2. Washing and ironing.

3. Cleaning.

4. The overabundance of sex.

5. Oversupply of high-calorie food.

Scientists have shown that the last two items negatively affect women’s health. Especially the abundance of food. Married women have to cook more fat and junk food. Hence the problems with being overweight.

Pros of marriage for women:

1. Ensuring in terms of money.

2. Housing.

3. The ability to have a child.