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Lexus Cars In All Its Glory

Lexus is a division of Toyota, which produces “luxury” class models for the US market and Europe (of course, left-hand drive). The word lexus sounds similar to the word “luxury”. By this word and its derivatives – “luxury”, “luxury car” and so on – the whole history of the company is described. This is not surprising, because the original purpose of creation of the company was the release of prestigious, expensive, luxury, beautiful cars.

We can not say that this idea was so new and original, because at the time of establishment of the company, or rather its very origin of the concept, this segment of the automotive market has already been long captured by European and American brands, such as BMW, Mercedes- Benz, Jaguar. However, in August 1983 at a secret meeting of Toyota’s board of directors chairman Eiji Toyoda Council (Eiji Toyoda) announced the idea, which could be briefly described as: “to challenge the best cars of the world.” At this point, Toyota is already firmly standing on their feet as the world-famous manufacturer of reliable, low-cost, high-quality vehicles, the popularity of which does not need to be proven. Toyota decided to conquer the selected sector of the automotive market with a new brand. This brand became Lexus.

Toyoda had not invited his enforcers over for cookies and tea but to question them about the possibility of developing a luxury-car line that could successfully compete with American brands. The project was labeled as F1 -Flahship 1- and proved to be a most lucrative  endeavor. The result was a vehicle that later became known as the Lexus LS 400 prior to its US premier.





Lexus CT

The Enhanced CT 200h is equipped with modern equipment, has a sophisticated exterior design and a refined interior. The front part of the new CT 200h is a further development of Lexus corporate identity. The central part of the grille in the shape of a spindle received expressive three-dimensional form. The shape of the rear bumper has changed – its design is now dominated by horizontal lines. Interior of the new CT 200h has become more refined and comfortable, got a higher level of equipment, materials and finishes have become better quality both visually and textile. It has been done much to increase the rigidity of the body, suspension tuning and improving aerodynamics properties. This car is equipped with a hybrid engine volume of 1.8 l. This vehicle is high-tech and comfortable.





Lexus GX

The second generation of the Lexus GX was presented in all its glory in 2009. This SUV has the same platform as its classmate the Land Cruiser Prado. The main differences of these off-road vehicles, as many of you know, are at most in the concept of the design. Lexus GX series is a premium class vehicle with uncompromising performance. This Japanese SUV attracts the attention with its brutal exterior which instills confidence and trust. All-wheel drive with Torsen differential scheme gives the Lexus GX impressive features. This premium SUV has a new optics with LED-lighting. Also it’s equipped with ventilated front seats, rearview camera and “Parktronic”. The most luxury Lexus GX 460 is equipped with a 3-zone air condition, LCD-monitor for rear passengers, navigation, and has a lot of electrical equipment, as well as a Mark Levinson powerful music system.






Lexus ES

The updated look of the Lexus ES is now fully in line with the style of the brand. Grille is curved in shape of hourglass. Head optics is lined up in an L-shaped line. Squat silhouette does not have anything extra, but still looks great. Everything is thought out, taking into account aerodynamics. Hybrid versions even have a spoiler on the trunk to reduce turbulence behind the car. Wheelbase is now 2,821 mm. This sedan has a lot of space for rear passengers. Interior looks expensive, despite the fact that the center console and the lower part of the dashboard are made ​​of hard plastic. Three-band air-conditioning system uses a technique by which the internal space is filled with negatively charged particles with plenty of moisture. This car was created to pleasantly surprise those who have got used to luxury.





Lexus GS

The new generation of the Lexus GS sedan with a revolutionary appearance debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 2012. The Interior was upgraded dramatically. Predecessor’s guileless center console was replaced by dynamic panel. The inner space of the model is decorated with metallic elements. Instead of the old fluorescent electronic clocks – there is a stylish classic dial. The technical characteristics of the car were improved as well.  You can choose one of petrol engines power of 209 or 317 hp. The basic equipment includes multimedia system with eight-inch screen. Japanese business class car looks really attractive against the competition. It offers the highest level of luxury, performance attributes and safely.





Lexus HS

Lexus has officially unveiled its new hybrid HS 250h at the Detroit Auto Show. The HS 250h hybrid propulsion system consists of 2.4-liter petrol engine with variable valve timing and the electromotor. The total capacity of this power unit makes 158 horsepower, while it is 30 percent more economical than any other engine used in Lexus cars. Fuel consumption in the urban reaches 5.6 l / 100 km compared to 6.7 l / 100 km in mixed mode. The Luxus HS is equipped with an electric power steering system, which is a part of the overall security system – the system keeps the vehicle within its lane creating a small force on the steering wheel, preventing the car from spontaneous shift to the next strip. In addition, a “hybrid” is equipped with an advanced navigation system with a hard disk and a new controller. This car looks great and attracts a lot of attention on the road.






Lexus IS

The Lexus IS demonstrates the company’s emphasis on agility. This car has a very sophisticated design, made in the new corporate Lexus style. The Lexus IS III has easily recognized lines of the previous generation, but the exterior has become more aggressive and athletic. This sedan is presented in eight trim levels. Basic version includes: bi-xenon headlights and LED-lights, light sensors and parking, electric windows and mirrors, heated mirrors, windscreen and front seats, climate control, multi-color display and on-board computer. This model received an expanded set of security tools. So the basic version of the sedan is equipped with systems ABS, EBD and ESP, as well as tire pressure monitoring system. This car has all attributes of the modern luxury sedan.





Lexus LS

Restyled version of the Lexus LS was introduced to the public in San Francisco in 2014. Top priority in the development of new products was increasing of safety and comfort. This model is intended to compete with such “monsters” of the automotive industry such as Mercedes and BMW. Lexus LS restyled version has received more than 3000 different variations. New exterior is designed in the corporate style. Completely redesigned interior looks very attractive and made of exclusively high-quality materials. This car will be able to please its customers with a new modification of the F-Sport, which includes the installation of a special sports pack. This option has a special, cheeky appearance. According to the company, the new product successfully combines comfort with the power and steering. Traditionally for this class, this vehicle has a very rich level of equipment.






Lexus LX

The third-generation flagship SUV Lexus LX was shown to the public in 2007. Based on a common platform with the Land Cruiser 200, the new Lexus LX demonstrates the true values ​​of the brand Lexus. Premium LX has once again proved that the frame SUV can be extremely comfortable and luxurious. Brutal exterior has much in common with the LC200, but has its own characteristics, which give even more luxury. Comfortable cabin can comfortably accommodate up to 8 passengers. Undisputed advantage of this vehicle is electro suspension, which automatically adjusts the clearance. The latest Lexus LX 570 has an updated optics and bars covering the radiator. This vehicle is an amazing combination of high performance of off-road with ultimate comfort.






Lexus NX

Public premiere of the compact premium crossover Lexus NX took place in 2014. The novelty is based on the RAV-4, but the platform itself significantly upgraded and reconfigured. The Lexus NX is very similar to its concept vehicle shown in Beijing earlier. To create a clear bodywork forms Lexus designers were inspired by the beauty of the molten metal. LED lights and L-shaped running lights underline the premium status of the model and its original character. Interior looks terrific. Comfortable seats made to deliver an incredible level of comfort. The climate system S-Flow will supply fresh air of comfortable temperature regardless of the weather. The Lexus NX has electronically controlled four-wheel drive. Its stability gives a feeling of confidence in any road conditions, whether snow-covered road, or riding over rough terrain.






Lexus RC

World premiere of the rear-wheel drive coupe Lexus RC as a concept car took place in the autumn of 2013 in Tokyo. The serial version were shown at the Geneva Motor Show delighted audiences in 2014. The appearance of a sports coupe Lexus RC on a plan of the company was to expand the audience and attract attention of new customers. This is another Lexus model with redefined notions of comfort and handling. The Lexus RC is based on the business sedan GS. This is an independent model with a unique emotional design, capable of striking to behold. Perfect balance is the originality of body lines, comfort and sensitive handling. The Lexus RC interior has much in common with its outward appearance. The unique combination of contrasting colors with high quality materials gives the interior even greater expressiveness. Lexus RC is equipped with modern safety features as well.






Lexus RX

The third generation of the luxury class crossover Lexus RX debuted in 2009 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The model has received a completely new design of the exterior. Some features are still retained from the predecessor. This vehicle is offered with a 2.7-liter inline petrol engine, a 3.5-liter V6 engine rated at 277 hp, automatic transmission, all-wheel drive and air suspension (in the configuration Executive), which improves the geometric parameters of terrain. The RX 400h is equipped with the petrol engine and two electric motors, has an output of the power plant at 249 hp. The package includes nine airbags, heated front seats, xenon headlights and light sensor. Modification Lexus RX with a 2.7-liter engine has a front-wheel drive, the rest are equipped with all-wheel drive. In 2012 the Lexus RX received an updated exterior. The interior was updated as well, also appeared wheels with new design.






Lexus SC

The new generation of the Lexus SC with a hard convertible top combines sportiness and elegance, the air drag coefficient is 0.29 units. Due to prevailing in the trunk of a rigid roof, 2-door coupe SC turns into a convertible in a matter of seconds. The advantages of the model include the powerful climate control, plenty of electric and modern security systems, “acute” steering. 286-hp 4.3-liter engine and all wheel independent suspension can give pleasure to the driver who prefers aggressive management style. Basic equipment includes leather seats, four airbags, power steering, xenon headlights, rain and light sensors and a system for monitoring tire pressure. Lexus SC430is designed forthe mostcomplete satisfaction ofyour needs,andthis conceptis visiblein all itscomponentsfrom thesecurity systemtothe audio system.This caris a great exampleof high technology,appliedwith intelligence andcare.