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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Way to Oscar

In general, this actor needs no introduction. If you do not know who he is, then you probably live somewhere on another planet. DiCaprio is associated with the fact that he was not only a brilliant actor, but also a major loser in the struggle for the “Oscar”.

DiCaprio has repeatedly been nominated for this award, his movies took the statuette for many times while he played fantastically and still remained without such a coveted award. This is something of a soccer category, where the superplayer Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never won the Champions League, and a great goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon has never been recognized as the best player in the world.

If to be honest, no one can say that the actor does not deserve this award. Leo has proven that he is a great actor. He has a bunch of awards in his collection, including the “Golden Globe”. Pursuit of the “Oscar” for DiCaprio is a matter of principle rather than need.

The current “Oscar” ceremony was the sixth one for the actor, when he found himself among the nominees for the award. Previous 5 attempts ended unsuccessfully, this fact has already managed to serve as ground for many jokes.

The actor received the very first nomination in 1994 for his role in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

Also, DiCaprio was nominated for the main award in 2005 for his role of a businessman-industrialist Howard Hughes in Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator.” He was nominated for the role in “Blood Diamond”, in 2007 and for the role in “The Wolf of Wall Street” in 2014.

Without a doubt, “The Revenant” by Alejandro Inarritu is a very good movie, though many praises in honor of the film are still unnecessary. This movie began collecting one award after another and won as many as 12  nominations for “Oscar”.

DiCaprio was also nominated for “Best Actor”.

Bryan Cranston – “Trumbo”

Leonardo DiCaprio – “The Revenant”

Michael Fassbender – “Steve Jobs”

Matt Damon – “The Martian”

Eddie Redmayne – “The Danish Girl”

Here is the complete list of nominees. Does someone actually think that  DiCaprio can lose this time? Only Matt Damon can compete with Leo. And the jury must have mercy on the actor, because this story  about DiCaprio and Oscar must come to an end.

The actor played Hugh Glass in “The Revenant” movie, a character who survived during almost the entire movie, he fell into the bear’s paws, fell from a great height on trees, starved, and still survived in the end.

“I think that 30 or 40 scenes from this movie were the most difficult is my career. This also applies to diving into the icy water, and the fact that I had to sleep among the corpses of animals. Besides, I was always very cold. The matter could come to frostbite “- said Leo in his interview.

“The Revenant” was a life-changing movie for DiCaprio, but it was also a great success for its director Alejandro Inarritu. The Mexican has won “Oscar” for best director for the second year in a row. A year earlier, he recieved the award for the “Birdman” movie, which was also considered as the best film of the year.

And finally the time has come. On February 28, the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio received his first “Oscar” in the “Best Actor” category for the title role in “The Revenant”. In his speech, Leo thanked his family, Martin Scorsese and co-stars. He also recalled that “The Revenant” is a film about the human connection with nature, and called mankind to fight for environmental protection. The main intrigue of the ceremony was resolved – DiCaprio has won his “Oscar” from the sixth attempt.

An interesting incident happened already after the actor received the award. Receiving the prestigious movie award, which Leo was waiting for nothing less than 22 years, he celebrated in one of the restaurants of Los Angeles. Leo has finally got to his favorite electronic cigarette, which he was forbidden to carry to the ceremony. He even drank a few cocktails in honor of the victory.

When it came time to leave the restaurant, someone foisted a bottle of alcohol into his hands. Whether Leo mixed drink with the”Oscar”, whether acting automatically, he left the gold statuette in the restaurant. Fortunately, after a few seconds a man ran out of the restaurant with the “Oscar” in his hands and returned the award to DiCaprio.

In any case, the movie lovers all over the world are sincerely happy about the long-awaited event. The era of jokes on this subject has come to an end. Leo worked hard and got what he deserved. Let’s congratulate the great actor with such an anticipated award and wish him even greater success. We are looking forward to see Leo on the screen in the next few years.