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Learn How to Extend the Duration of Sex

The size doesn’t matter, the duration does. Most modern girls won’t even take their panties off for 5 minutes sex.

Many men try to be perfect in a relationship, but if they are bad in sex, it won’t help. Expensive, gifts, humor, charm and penis size won’t help either. The quality of sex is the most important thing. This regular women’s dissatisfaction is among the main causes of break ups and cheating.

Young girls and experienced women often complain of the inability of men to stay in bed for a long time. They may have love and relationships, but not sex. Women are torn between the breaking up with the man and the desire to have a lover. I do not think a normal man will accept any of these options.

Sex duration of less than 20 minutes is a sign that your girlfriend will remain unsatisfied. We asked porn actresses to share the secrets of a long sex and boner. Now listen here. How to have a quality sex for a long time?

1. Have a drink before sex
One of the secrets of good sex lies in a certain amount of alcohol. Drink together a glass of wine together before you have sex. It will have a good impact on your sex. Alcohol will help women stay open minded in bed. Men will get a lower sensitivity and his blood will run faster. This will improve the blood supply to the penis. But do not overdo it, otherwise you can fail at the very start. It will only make things worse.

2. Masturbation
Another secret of long-lasting boner lies in the self-training. It’s like in school. If you do your homework, you will not be afraid of the lesson. How exactly? Masturbate. Rough masturbation will cause rapid ejaculation, but will reduce the sensitivity with time. You will love the result.

3. Circumcision
Many modern Western men, and especially the porn actors are circumcised. This operation reduces the sensitivity of the head. Now the man can go much longer.

4. Control during sex
Breathing is very important. Men are too nervous and excited during sex. You should calm down to avoid it. Breathe more deeply. It is recommended at critical moments to think about something extraneous. This will reduce the degree of excitation.

5. Change the position
Have you seen that boundless imagination of actors and directors in adult films? How do they look at their partners from different angles? Just take a time out when you feel that you are coming. Turn your girlfriend and try another position.

6. Watch your health
Watch if you sleep enough, eat well, rest, do sports and live a healthy lifestyle. All is fine, but there are still problems with sex? Go see a doctor. Do not hesitate. You should see a doctor before your girlfriend will break up with you, because of rapid ejaculation. You’re not the first and not the last one.

7. Prepare for the battle for the female orgasm
Minutes spent on foreplay are included in sex duration. Cool, right? Caress each other right before sexual intercourse. Keep warm prelude and kindle the fire of passion in the girl. You can treat your woman with hands or tongue. Cunnilingus is a great way to completely conquer woman’s heart. The foreplay time depends on the girl’s mood.

8. The practice of sex
Don’t stop learning!. Practice, practice and more practice! Regular sex improves the quality and duration of coitus. It’s like a workout. Have sex more often, several times a day. The first one will last 2 minutes of pure frictions, and the second more than a few times. Study books about sex which can be purchased in a sex shop, watch adult movies. There is a small life hack for sex. Women love the emotion in sex. Start watching TV series about love and relationships in the evenings. Love of the characters on the screen will increase the degree of tension between you. This will be the spark.

These simple secrets of a long sex will help any man. Follow these tips to make your girl beg for regular sex.