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Irritable Male Syndrome

Yesterday a man was calm and unruffled, but today he seems to have changed. He is very nervous. And it happens every month. Irritable male syndrome is a concentrated aggression. It is not connected with the moon, like in women, but with the hormone testosterone. It spends above the norm for days every month.

Symptoms of the syndrome: he does not want to eat after work, he wants to sleep, wakes up angry and frustrated; everything takes twice as much time; He distracted and inattentive, and at times starts to do stupid things; at the same time a man starts talking less than usual, he is annoyed by glare, silence or even the simple question “how are you?”. The first sign is a screaming TV in the dark.

You cannot guess which day it’s going to happen. If women have their well-established “schedule”, then a man can “switch” at any time.

As we know, women are much more emotional beings – that is their nature. That’s the gift and the curse. Women are much more difficult to keep calm in a difficult situation. But at the same time, the explosion of emotions allows them to not accumulate, poisoning their life. Psychologists call this phenomenon “shout out”, that is when you spit out your emotions and experiences – this is what is peculiar to women.

Women have a lot more ways to cope with negative emotions and depression such as shopping, sweets, friends, cats and so-forth.

Men can’t get rid of accumulated stress in public and demonstrate their emotions. Men are dumping their experiences.

Meanwhile, psychologists have proven that deterrence and the accumulation of negative emotions affect most adversely on any person – from poorly monitored irritability to a very real disease.

Men are trying to deal with stress abusing alcohol. In addition, many people mistakenly believe that they can just ignore worrying signs and it will solve itself somehow. This is not true. The male irritability syndrome should be treated.

What should women do in this situation?
First, know that this is a short time, a day or two. Therefore, the claims and the showdown can wait. It is better to feed him artificially boosting testosterone. Nature came up with a lot of components, which at this point can help the woman. It can be a burger, honey, nuts, avocados, and, of course, a huge piece of meat. It is very important to follow the rules of healthy eating. Even if a loved one has no appetite, which is not uncommon in his situation, give him some fresh fruits and vegetables, offer more products that stimulate the production of endorphins. It is useful to include hard cheese, citrus fruits, red fish, bananas, dark chocolate in the diet. Give him something sweet – at least 40 grams a day will help your family to cope with the “disease”. It’s time to call to mind some grandmother’s recipes for pies and cakes.

Second, leave him alone. This syndrome has an advantage for women – it is in this period he wants romance. This is a chance to finally go out to the cinema or to the park. Now he will graciously allow you to make him a back massage.

And what should men do?
Perform some mechanical work, which does not require the mental effort. With it you will be able to escape.

Do not compare yourself with others. Remember that your condition is different from that of a healthy person, so do not underestimate your own self-esteem reproaches and accusations against yourself. Take your own state for granted.

Do not isolate from the world. Interacting with people is a key aspect of mental health. If you have understanding friends and family, they can help you through a difficult period, not leaving you alone with depressed mood.

Do not forget about the rest. You can face insomnia, feel drowsiness, fatigue, and it is difficult to wake up in the morning. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day – count sheep, have a drink at night. This will help to remove the tension and will let your brain rest.

Physical exercise. Jogging! 30 minutes of light jogging reduce the level of cortisol – a stress hormone. Also, you can release stress by hitting a punching bag.

Water treatments. Swimming, sauna, drink lots of water and green tea. Use your favorite perfume.

Turn the volume – shout (not only on your family), go to the open field and exercise the vocal cords as long as you wish. If the fields are not at hand, go to the railway station, where nobody can hear your screams. Remember the experience of legendary Liza Minnelli. In the extreme case go to karaoke or put the most mournful music artist, which feels even worse than you.

Any woman will tell you that during PMS Indian films and ice cream are a panacea for bad mood. Just relax and enjoy any movies you like.