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Hypertension is the Most Common Disease of Mankind

Our careless attitude to the disease is the main reason of death caused by cardiovascular disease.

Taking Adelphanum, Enap or one of the many pressure-lowering drugs people actually do not cure hypertension, ischemia or angina, but only temporarily widen narrowed blood vessels, which leads to a decrease in the load on the heart and pressure.

Hypertensives have the following picture of their illness:
– The disease is inevitable, it catches up with almost all the people in one way or another;

– The tablets are needed to reduce the pressure and to prevent the stroke;
– Insult is a brain hemorrhage due to rupture of the brain blood vessels due to high pressure.

The main mistake of many hypertensive patients is a hope for a miraculous deliverance from the disease with all kinds of disks and bracelets. All sorts of scammers use it.

Stroke is of two main types: hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain) and ischemic stroke, when, on the contrary, there is a lack of blood flow to the brain structures (cerebral infarction).

According to medical statistics, only one of six strokes is hemorrhage, and the remaining five are caused by just the lack of blood supply to the brain.
The popularity of drugs that reduce the pressure can be explained by the fact that they are an easy way to get rid of high pressure. Now the doctor doesn’t have to tell the patient that he kills himself with his own lifestyle, prescription and power of persuasion are enough to make the patient take the medication. Advertising on television and magazines assures that drugs are the only way to lower high blood pressure. And of course, they forget to warn about the side effects of these drugs. For example, such as rash, hives, photophobia, dizziness, weakness, blood vessel inflammation, joint pain, skin tingling feeling, confusion, muscle cramps, nausea, reduced potency.

And if the doctor does not know about the consequences of the use of drugs designated by himself, then he is not doing his job, because side effects of drugs are described by the manufacturers. Still, most experts know that the benefits of taking the drugs are a big question.

Many of those who take medication for pressure, in fact, are in the boundary condition: the pressure is not so high that the treatment was worth the side effects that accompany the action of antihypertensive drugs. They can lower their blood pressure by changing their diet and lifestyle. A number of studies have shown that weight loss, limiting salt intake, the vegetarian diet and exercise lower blood pressure, at least as effective and certainly safer than drugs.

There are two types of hypertension considered in medicine: a secondary associated with kidney disease, adrenal tumors, renal artery stenosis, coarctation of the aorta (seen in 5% of patients) and primary, when there is excessive vasoconstriction (90-95% of chronic pressure increase).

Taking vasodilators results in expansion of peripheral blood vessels only, whereby the blood pressure is reduced, but the blood supply to the brain deteriorates because these drugs don’t affect the brain vessels. The blood pressure reduces blood flow through the vessels of the brain in proportion to the reduction in pressure, which causes headaches, dizziness, tachycardia.
Drugs can provide a reduction in blood pressure, but they cannot heal arterial disease. Cardiologists, responsible for the condition of the heart and blood vessels, talk about the dangers of high blood pressure and suggest to reduce it by all means. Neurologists also talk about cerebral ischemia (including stroke) as a result of maintaining a “normal pressure”.

Today, drugs to reduce pressure are the best-selling medicines in the world. Will the industry allow simpler and cheaper ways to treat hypertension?

Is there any way out of this impasse? Recall the recent past. 30-40 years ago, almost no one measured the pressure while there were fewer strokes than in our time. People used valerian to lower the pressure and get rid of pain.

This is not the best solution, but it is at least not harmful to our brain, kidneys, liver. The use of sedatives for the treatment of essential hypertension is more rational than the use of drugs on the pressure.
Treatment of hypertension should be aimed at the normalization of blood circulation, i.e., to eliminate the cause rather than provide the “clumsy” pressure drop, which leads to deterioration of cerebral circulation and even stroke.
Any textbook on physiology indicates that the natural substance which has a widening effect on blood vessels is carbon dioxide located in the blood, and the cause of hypertension is only a lack of concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Why the human body loses its ability to maintain normal blood levels of carbon dioxide with age? People behave simply unreasonable in terms of nature. The normal way of life is long and intense movement. Regular physical activity maintains the human body. Movement deficiency in middle-aged man is 70 to 90% of the required standards. Respiratory system, which ensures the normal concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood “loses its shape” with age.

Stress plays another important role in accelerating the development of hypertension. Large quantities of adrenaline are released into blood during stress, which leads to arterioles constriction and high pressure.