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How To Understand a Woman?

How to understand a woman?! Description of the main types of women will help you, dear man, to understand the behavior of your loved one. Please do not forget that each of us is still unique!

So, there are “home” women. Typically, this is a super-companion in all and for all, has a minimum of problems and she decides quickly. She helps her man to build a career, being the embodiment of all female, plus she is a secretary, psychologist and doctor. She needs her  husband to be a leader, she attracts with kindness, softness, comfort and peace.

“Women-moms”. Such women are leading their loved ones all the way from courtship to the marriage. They like to claim, to dominate, to criticize. Consciously choosing a man-child, to teach him (regardless of his desires, of course) and to “take care” of him. The only way to live with this woman happily is to agree to carry out her orders.

The second type is “predator”.
All they care is money. She sets her “spider’s web”, and even worrying about the appearance of her husband, she thinks about herself and her place in society. Most often, the beloved companion listens to their words. In the case of cheating – predators fight a rival and circumstances, but not their husbands. They solve many family issues.

But these women set their web in different ways. For example, such as “baby” type transform from a “gray mouse” into the treacherous temptress, and from a movie star into a playful kitten. As a rule, they are not stupid, but don’t attempt to look clever. They dream of love for life and convince themselves that each man is “unique”. However, they are not looking for good for good, and are only frank as long as the care is obtained. This child image has an adult goal – to recoup their time and attention with large sums.. However, everyone is happy, and it is the most important thing.

Next in the list of predators is a “vamp”. Young, beautiful, successful. She often changes cars and fly in Europe at the weekend. She is strong-willed and extremely smart. Absolutely convinced that she is a real woman. She is not interested in men who need to be conquered. She is not going to sleep with a man for the promised ring. Successful in all respects: she always in a good mood, with stylish hair and glowing eyes. She loves life with all her heart, she is trying to see only positive qualities in others. The main principle of life is to stay true to herself. If the feelings fade, she considers herself free from commitments and leaves. She won’t treat and wait until a lieutenant becomes a general.

The third type is a “female friend”
She is almost ideal. Always up to date of all, she will always help and support. She is very sensitive. She tries to make her man a leader, but won’t give up the control. Mistress and brotherly heart in one bottle. She does everything easily and without any complaints, starts to whine only in case of overload or if does not see any gratitude. The most successful type of woman, according to men. She is smart, reliable and fun and such a combination is hard to find. She demands a lot, but forgives and understands.

These women include:
“Drinking buddy” smokes strong cigarettes, prefers alcohol and loves to tell stories from her life. Her life is a mess. She is unpredictable like a tsunami. Living with such a woman is a pure extreme. She is fun to spend time with. However, the likelihood is high that this young lady’s brakes may fail. “Let’s go have a smoke and talk” – her favorite phrase. Her motto is: “Alcohol in small doses is harmless in any amount.” It’s amazing, but many men like this type of ladies.

“Slave Izaura” gracefully highlights the difference in status between themselves and loved ones. Submissiveness, helpfulness, eyes wide open and the ability to love their men are their main values. She raises him on a pedestal, what makes her feel like a winner. She is honest with herself, so do not count on the absolute loyalty.

The fourth type is a “woman for love”. But they are different.
“Siren” is studying yoga, eastern philosophy, meditating and cleans the chakras. This is a real treat for a loved one with emotional wounds. She will listen, advise, make you forget about time. But, in fact, she is not carefree. She delivers unforgettable pleasure in bed, trying to be different, and manipulates the sex and often takes a man of the family. “Siren” is the real and rather successful strategist in love battles. Men get addicted to such women and do everything they ask.

“Goldfish” demands a lot from men, loves expensive cars and noble behavior. She thinks that she can be seduced only by an outstanding person, but often falls for completely mediocre men. Of course, men drawn to her, they are attracted to light and a sense of celebration, which she magically creates around herself. Despite the fact that it is quite easy to communicate with men, she remains unattainable. “Goldfish” will rather stay hungry than agree to dinner in the dining room. This type of woman can stay alone for a long time.

There are “women-jewelry”.
They are not interested in sex. Physical satisfaction is not prosecuted. They are feminine and charming. For them, the most important thing in love is an aesthetic contemplation of her beauty, delight of her body, hair and voice. She needs a man with a successful career and money.
Unlike predators, do not seek to become a wife, can be satisfied with the status of a mistress, but instead requires a huge financial incentives. With such a woman, of course, a man can never be sure that he is the only one. They rarely stay with one man for a long time, eventually becoming burdensome grouch.

And finally a “business women.”
Her family is not in the first place, all the domestic work is not for her. She has nerves of steel, having a charm and coquetry. Kinds must appear on time and according to plan, they have to be genial since their birth. Business woman blames her husband and children for the fact that they want to eat, so let them cook for themselves and always leave some food for her. Everything about the business woman should be extra luxury and constantly proves to others that she has everything under control. “The Empress” considers business and career to be top priority. She needs a man for status. When choosing a suitable companion, she always thinks logically and without unneeded emotions. She scares men off with her thorns inherent to successful business women: sharpness, rigor, straightness. Tip for men: You should not help her financially under no circumstances – dependent on men scares her.

“Headmistress” is intelligent and self-sufficient. In most cases, much older than her object of adoration. Despite the fact that her life seems to be a “full cup”, she dreams of a great and pure love, or simply running away from loneliness. Anyway, this type of woman is always looking for a loved one. Usually begins to seduce her subordinates. Once the lover comes to the web, it automatically turns into slavery. Then she demands to be loved disinterestedly. It is not difficult to guess that in case of a fail of intimate relationships, professional cooperation becomes impossible.