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How to Stop Snoring

If your girlfriend regularly tells you that she cannot sleep because of your snoring, here are a few ways to solve this problem.

Method №1
Do not sleep on your back. It’s no wonder why your woman is trying to turn you in the middle of the night. If you leave the habit of sleeping on your back and start sleeping in the other positions, the snoring will almost disappear from your life. Snoring is a combination of vibration and airway problem. Breathing problems often occur when a person is sleeping face up. If you are unaccustomed to sleep on the side or on your stomach, there are many ways to help you control it. For example, you can put pillows along the back. And when you want to roll over on your back, a pillow just will not let you do it.

Method №2
Play on wind instruments. Of course, the sounds you produce during sleep are very similar to the sound of the trumpet, but learning to play a real musical instrument you will be able to save yourself and your loved one from the “night concerts.” Playing on wind instruments tones the muscles of the upper airway. This will help you control your airway expansion.

Method №3
Give up drinking alcohol before going to bed. Alcohol during sleep relaxes the airway muscles and a person begins to snore. Therefore we advise you not to abuse alcohol 3-4 hours before sleep.