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How To Prevent Cheating

It is regrettable, but betrayal exists not only on television and in the multi-novels. However, psychologists believe that the signs of impending conflict are easy to see long before the adultery. And it is not too difficult to prevent it.

Of course, the desire to go to another partner occurs for a reason. And usually the reason is simple: lack of communication. The modern pace of life in big cities sometimes just does not allow you to critically evaluate your own relationships. But what is so difficult about identifying it in advance? Here we will talk about the most basic signs of impending family trouble.

Your girl gets bored
For her sake, you are doing cleaning, cooking and ironing shirts, as you understand that she needs some time for herself! But one day, habitually saying that goes to the beautician, the lady actually goes on a visit to another man. Why are you trying so hard for her?

The woman begins to cherish the relationship with a man only when she puts into something of value into the relationship. Own efforts and emotions. Ironically, it may be a “domestic duties”. Any – from ironing shirts and banal cooking to taking care of exotic bonsai on a window sill. But without those things your union is risking to collapse.

She does not forgive minor offenses
Suppose today you went to a party without her (only once, so what). Another day you drove up your secretary to her place (what’s wrong with that, her car has broken down). And on Wednesday, you drew attention to the fact that the girls in glossy magazines posess ideal figure. It seems to be not a big deal.

You won’t even remember these things in a a couple of days. But she could remember. Concealed negative emotions tend to accumulate. You can face such a scenario: at some point, your girlfriend decides that she has every reason to take revenge. With another man. If you really like to comment on other girls and talk about what to do after work, explain your actions in details. For example: “Indeed, I had to give a ride to my secretary, as she parked her car near the office and someone punctured the tire.”

She hasn’t been surprised for a long time
Stability in the relationship is very good indeed. But do not confuse it with the boredom: if you know all posture in bed your wife loves, and she can tell what color of lingerie you were with her eyes closed, it means that there is an urgent need to change something.

You do not have to run to the store for collars and cuffs for extreme sex! Although diversifying your relationship in bed will not be superfluous. But start with something simpler: make a joint photo session with an unusual story, enjoy a new sport together, travel somewhere together.

She wants you to appreciate her opinion
there is a struggle for dominance in any relationship. It is an axiom. You may not even notice how mentally share everything that happens in your life together on the two lists. “What you do” (eg earning money, paying bills, buying large). “What she does” (food, cleaning, child education). Most men think that they are part of the more important, and will not tolerate attempts of women to participate in it. It is important for her to realize that her opinion is valuable to you and it does not remain without attention. Otherwise your woman can try to find appreciation in another man.

The solution is simple: select the areas where you will be a complete masters, and where you make decisions together. For example, the car and the garage is exclusively male territory. The bedroom and the villa – hers. Question about selection a kindergarten is up to both of you.