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How To Make Her Want To Have Sex With You

Some girls do jump into the bed, while others can make you wait for a long time. How to encourage the girl to have sex with you?

You have reached the point in your relationship when you would like to go to the next level. Some people believe that sex is a regular thing, but others want to have it only with a truly special person. Although you should never force your girl to have sex with you, you can always dispel some of her fears and ensure her that you are the person she could trust. Thereafter, sex occurs naturally.

1. Make her trust you
1.1 Be reliable. If you want to encourage your girlfriend to have sex, you have to prove that you are an amazingly reliable guy. One of her concerns may be that she will not be able to rely on you after sex, because you got what you wanted. So prove you are an honest and reliable guy.

Don’t be late. If you regularly late for half an hour, she decides that you do not treat her with trepidation, and she will not want to engage in sex with you.

Keep your word. If you promised to go with her to the beach on weekends, do it. If you do not stick to their promises, she will not trust you.

If she has any problems or doubts, she should be sure to find support in you.

Do not make her wait for hours or even a day or two for you to call or answer a message.

1.2 Be patient. Some are willing to have sex with the girl after the first acquaintance with a glass of beer, while some girls need months or even longer to make a decision. And unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, some girls do not burn with the desire to engage in “this”, and do not even want to have sex before marriage. So, do not jump the gun – let the girl trust you first.

If your girl is hardly accustomed to kissing, you should not say the “s-word” for some time.

However, if you and your girlfriend are happy to spend a lot of time in bed after just a few weeks after the acquaintance, then you can start thinking about the transition to the next level.

1.3 Do not behave as if you are obsessed with sex. Let’s face it – if you’re a man of a certain age, desperately wooing sex with his girlfriend, then you are probably obsessed with sex. But this does not mean that you have to tell vulgar jokes with sexual fantasies. You must not allow your girl to think that you are obsessed with sex and do not care what woman will lie in your bed. She should feel that she is the only one you want to sleep with.

You should not hide the fact that you are a person with normal needs, but you should avoid vulgarity, constant talk about sex or talk about other people who are constantly engaged in sex.

Do not make derogatory comments about other women. Otherwise, your girl will feel like a piece of meat. Remember that you are not talking with your bro, but to a special lady.

1.4 Do not cheat. If you want your girl to trust you, you must never cheat on her. She would never have sex with you, if she will see you looking at other women or even walk with other women. While you should not be rude or ignore other women, you have to be completely focused on your girl, so she was sure that you will always be close to her, especially after you start having sex.

Spend a lot of time with her. Make sure that you have planned at least one or two visits per week, and that you talk with her at least once a day.

There is a difference between loyalty and the sense of ownership. You have to make a date when you both want it, but do not try to see her 24/7.

You have to prove your loyalty not only by being true to her, but also showing that you are a good friend. Prove your loyalty in many aspects of your life and your girlfriend will be impressed.

2. Treat her well
2.1 Treat her like a lady. If you want your girl to engage in sex with you, then you should treat her like a goddess, but not just as a girl with whom you want to spend time. You should be a gentleman and be polite, kind, and understanding. Open the door in front of her, give her your jacket when she’s cold, bring a chair for her, and help her carry heavy bags.

Pay compliments about how great she looks or how she differs from the others.

It is important to be a gentleman, but do not behave too unnatural.

2.2 Keep your place clean. This may sound silly, but if you want your girl to feel really special, you should not invite her to your home, if it looks like during the war. Remove the dirty laundry from the floor, clean the dust from the shelves, so that it looked and smelled clean and more attractive.

It will not cause your lady feel special, but this will increase her desire to have sex with you.
If you often give her a ride, you need to keep your vehicle clean as well. Your lady deserves to sit on the clean seat.

2.3 Be attentive to her life – not only to her body. The biggest fear your girl may have is that you do not care about her thoughts, because you are too passionate about her body. Therefore, you have to prove that she was wrong. Show her that you are aware of her hopes and dreams. Ask her about her friends, childhood and favorite memories.

Show her that you value her opinion. Ask her what she thinks about the current political situation in your country, or your new outfit. Show her that everything she says is important to you.

2.4 Take her on a romantic date. If you want to cause sexual desire, you must first create a romantic atmosphere. Choose a romantic place for dinner or find a place where you will be able to observe the stars. Do not make banal or supernatural effects to make her feel special.

Making romantic gestures you show your lady that you really care about her.

2.5 Be attentive to her needs. If you are not attentive to the daily needs, how can you be attentive in the bedroom? Your girl needs to feel that you know when she’s sad, nervous, anxious, or even just cold or hungry. Pay attention to her eyes, her body language and her words to immediately identify if there’s something bothering her. If you behave quite normally when it is clear that she’s upset about something, she will think that you really do not care about her.

If something is wrong, do not be afraid to ask her what had happened. It only shows that you are not indifferent to her.

2.6 Make sure that she is ready to have sex. If you really treat your lady right, then you should be able to recognize whether she is ready to have sex or not. If you are her first boyfriend and she had no sexual experience, or if she is deeply religious and has other moral convictions that are not compatible with having sex, you need to back off and wait until she will trust you to the degree to think about having sex with you. Here are some signs to determine if she wants to have sex with you or not:

  • If pitting is getting bigger and hotter, then she may be ready to move further.
  • If she talks about sex, making sexual compliments and touching you more and more, she can be ready for sex.
  • If she had hinted that she wanted to sleep with you and invites you to her place late at night, she can be ready for intimacy.
  • If she has a deep moral or religious beliefs, which are not compatible with having sex, do not try to force her. Please note that some girls will never have sex before marriage, and you can do nothing to change this situation.

3. Seduce her
3.1 Be prepared. If you are planning to have sex, or even talking about having sex with your girlfriend, then you should prepare some condoms. This does not mean that you have to swing your condoms in front of her, but you have to be prepared in case things go in a positive direction.

3.2 Create the right mood. You have to start the evening with a romantic act. Then go back to your (clean) apartment, where you have red wine, grapes, chocolate and sounds of light jazz. Light the candles and turn on the radio to immerse her in a romantic thought, offer her something to eat or drink.

3.3 Kiss her. You must be a master of kisses. Even if you were kissing for a while, you still need to know how to kiss her in different ways. Do not immediately jump on it, start slowly, touch her hair and stroke her face.

3.4 Proceed gradually. If you really want your girl like you, you do not have to behave like a maniac tearing her clothes and trying to get her into the bedroom at all costs. Instead, you have to kiss your girl for a few seconds and then switch to stroking her face. Repeat this movement several times and wait until it starts.

Why should you act gradually? Because in this case your girl will feel that you like her, but at the same time you control your desires and not just try to have sex with her. This will encourage her to further action.

3.5 Touch her. If you want to seduce your girl, you should not think only about kissing. Start with a light caress of her hands, her neck and hair, and then touch her breasts under a blouse or wait until she touch you. If you’re partially stripped, you can kiss her breasts or touch her through her underwear.

Make sure your actions are reciprocal. If you touch her and she just lies without any reaction, then you will probably cause her discomfort. Make sure that she is ready for more.
If you are already in the bedroom and do pitting, then you can just ask her if she is ready to engage in sex with you. This should not sound difficult or trivial – just say: “Are you sure you ready?” and get ready for any response.

3.6 Do not force her. If your woman says she is not ready to have sex with you, then you should wait. Do not try to convince her with phrases like: “But we are together for so long,” “Everyone else is doing it,” or “Do you even like me”.
3.7 Be discerning. Learn to understand her reaction and do not insist. There is always tomorrow to make another attempt. Remember that feelings can not be feigned, because they are a function of the mind.