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How To Keep Married Sex Exciting

In the XXI century is rare to find a young couple, which have preserved their virginity before marriage. And people get married only when necessary – either after a woman becomes pregnant, or after several years of life together. But as a couple gets married, sex goes somewhere – gives way to everyday life and everyday problems. How to keep family relationships and intimacy after the wedding?

After several years together, many couples can say that there is not enough of time for making love, they are completely absorbed by work, home and children. This is their main mistake – you should have some time for sex in the evening, after work, at night, or early in the morning.

When you don’t have sex, the proximity between spouses can go down and their relationship will move to friendly. Then there are the lovers and mistresses, separate bed and sometimes divorce. But how can this be avoided?

Of course, we can discuss it during a romantic dinner, but it’s unlikely to help you. Perhaps you will have sex that particular evening, but later your relations will again come into its former shape. First, you need to enclose your hideaway – the bed of love from other people. Close your bedroom from the children, especially at night. It will be better for both of you.

Children should not see adult scenes that can hurt their psyche. Do not allow them to play in your bedroom, try not to invite them there. Your room should be a place only for sleep and the pleasures of love, and nothing should distract you from it. For the same reason, you shouldn’t have a TV in your bedroom. Statistically, couples who have a TV in their room have sex 3 times less often that those who are not interested in watching TV at night.

If you have a baby, try to pay attention not only to him, but to your spouse as well. Prolonged abstinence, changing shape of your wife after childbirth and focusing on your child – all this has a negative effect on the proximity of a young couple.

During this period you need to restore and maintain your sexual relationship, do not forget that you are not only parents, but also lovers. Try to be closer, not only spiritually, but also physically – so it will be easier to avoid fights and quarrels.

Do not reconciled with the fact that your relationship is damped. Tempt your partner over and over again, invent new games in bed, postures, etc. Take care of yourself and try to awaken the passion in your partner every night as if for the first time.

Do not think that your spouse does not love as much as before, and that you will never achieve the attitude of the old relationship. Everything is possible, you just need to avoid the routine and then your sexual intimacy will last for many years.

You can get used to the new rhythm of life, you just need to want it. Doing household chores, you can spend a few minutes just to kindly and gently hug your spouse, give her a sight full of love. Such small things will preserve your love.

During sex, do not forget to say kind words, kissing and just show your partner your sincere feelings for her. Turn on the imagination and pay attention to your favorite to have a strong loving family.