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How To Give Up Smoking

You give money to the big tobacco companies, and then you will have cancer, and all those doctors and hospitals will be able to get rich on this. And gravediggers too. And all that because you want to smoke like an idiot. (c) Coffee and Cigarettes movie.

If you want to quickly and completely quit smoking, you should start with creating a clear picture of your own anthropological essence. To do this, you can refer to the texts of a philosophical authority Plato.

You can believe that the great philosophical classics of the most different traditions recognize that a person has three main abilities: intelligence, will and feeling.

Classical models of philosophical anthropology in which the mind, spirit and intellect play the role of the main anthropological trait are experiencing not the best of times. Different forces are involved in their destruction: Eastern teachings, postmodern, church religiosity, different versions of naturalism, etc. We get the image of a man in whom the mind is given a subordinate position. The modern image of a man is a vague cloud where biological nature, social elements, power-hierarchical pathology, aesthetic tendencies, habits, beliefs, physicality, various models of conscious and unconscious are intertwined.

This vague structure is a ground for various ways to work with the person as an object of targeting to multiply and thrive. Guru and therapists, astrologers and experts in Feng Shui, yoga pharmacists, preachers and writers offer a variety of treatment methods to the object.

A modern man gives himself to all these practices – his mind, will, and even emotions (eg, aesthetic preferences) are externalized. They are entrusted to all sorts of experts and tutors, who are allegedly able to skillfully handle the various elements of his body and his mind. He thinks that such experts can influence his mind so that he finally began to live a full life, furnished his property so that he has found peace of mind, to teach him how to communicate with bosses and friends, make him beautiful, resorting to various means of plastic surgery, etc.

It is enough to refer to any problem related to the correction of our behavior to find a huge market for this kind of anthropological services. A typical example of this is the problem of smoking. Search engines give millions of links for the request of “quit smoking”. This is only a brief list of the main ways:

– Chewing tablets
– Stick adhesives
– Undergo sessions of acupuncture
– Read the book by A. Carr
– Hypnotize
– Meet with a therapist
– Wearing an earring
– Be subjected to shock therapy
– Celebrate the International Day of quitting (19 November)
– To smoke an electronic cigarette
– 25th frame, etc.

Of course, it is gratifying that addiction gives work to so many people, contributing to the widening of the scope of services. And yet it is difficult to give up the idea that all this post-industrial economy is a pure hoax, which may seem to be a “cure” in the light of the frivolous rejection of the classical anthropological models.

There is a proven way to quit smoking, to which anyone can resort free of charge and with full guarantee of success. Being a smoker for over 20 years, I quit smoking in one day and not going to get back to it. The secret of this technique is simple – you need to choose and to use the anthropological model.

The anthropological technique of quitting smoking
– You can smoke, – indifferently allowed Alc. – I’m a misanthrope. The sooner all of you will die, the better. (c)

Intelligence – the ability to reflect, to make judgments and decisions.
Sensivity is the ability to perceive, feel and experience.
The will is the ability to implement the decisions of the mind.
The will cooperates with the mind.
The feeling may be dissatisfied with the will and mind, but it is the will what can be the strongest power.

When you have understood these things you need to learn how to find them in yourself, and then properly use it.

Start with simple exercises. For example, say to yourself: I will raise my right hand, and will keep it like that for 5 minutes, despite the feeling of fatigue in the hand. And then do it.

Such an exercise  will help you easily learn to distinguish the ability of the mind, will and feeling.

Also, you need to realize a very simple but important fact: the will can conquer the mind.

Understand this important idea: the will can implement any intelligence solution. Neither the volume nor the difficulty does not play any role.

After this pre-treatment (it can take from one day to a week depending on your perseverance in anthropological training), you can start to quit smoking.

The next steps are:
– You need to choose the time to thoroughly consider the following question: “Should I stop smoking?”;

–  You should sit quietly and think about this question. (you can still smoke.)

Then there are two possibilities:

1. If you have come to the conclusion that you should quit smoking, go to the next step.

2. If you have come to the conclusion that it is not necessary – get back to the anthropological training, assigning the next time of deliberation of this issue (in a month or a year).

Having come to the conclusion that it is necessary to give up smoking (option 1), you must clearly, precisely and unequivocally fix your reasonable solution. For example, in this form: “I won’t smoke from tomorrow on.”

The hardest part is done
It is important not to get caught  by some tricks such as you can change your mind tomorrow. No, you don’t need to think about this issue anymore, as you reasonably decided that you need to quit smoking. Your mind came to this conclusion. Well, fine. There is no point to return to this question.

Let your will simply implement the decision of the mind. It forbids you to smoke.

Oh, you unbearably want to smoke? Believe me, this is an illusion created by your feelings. And feelings can be controlled by the will, and therefore they have to be silenced. Especially since this “burning desire” will disappear very quickly. All what is left is to deal with the habit, but you can gradually get rid of it, replacing it with any other habit.

If you will feel that your mind “suddenly” changed the decision and allow you to smoke “that one cigarette,” please do not let it fool you, it is a cheap trick. A blind sense is trying to be recognized as the mind. It is normal, after all you calmly and honestly weighed the pros and cons and wisely decided to quit smoking. No your feelings and desires can control your own will. So now there is no reason for you to get back to it. Now you can congratulate yourself!

Man resorts to the anthropological technique of quitting smoking, of course, pay attention to a lacuna in the above instructions. Namely: what arguments should be used to make your mind make a decision to quit smoking?

But I have to disappoint you -it is up to you. Neither I, no one else can pick up a decisive argument for you.

I can only say that such an argument can be both theoretical and practical. You can quit smoking because you want to live longer and not be at risk of certain diseases associated with smoking. Or you don’t want  to set a bad example to the child. Or because you promised someone to quit. Or because you are worried about the state of your health. Or because you have decided to support the government’s policy against bad habits. Arguments can be very different, but only you can select the needed one. Leave everything else to the above technique.