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How To Deal With Midlife Crisis

What do we know today about the crisis of middle age, time of occurrence and the consequences?

Midlife crisis today has become the generally accepted concept, as well as teenage crisis. We offer a few tips on how to deal with it.

Midlife crisis is often perceived as a social phenomenon, but a scientific study conducted in Ireland showed that this disorder may have biological roots.
Francois Shosho (psychiatrist): The midlife crisis has several factors. The biological aspect can certainly be one of the reasons for its occurrence. Human biology is changing with age, it is stated by the appearance of the first gray hair, fatigue, and so on. The crisis usually occurs in the age of 40-50. A number of factors come into play at this point such as personality, environment, family history.

Biological causes include aging and hormonal changes.

– If a midlife crisis does have a biological basis, then how this discovery can affect how we cope with it?

– If the crisis has already begun it will be very difficult to make an impact on it. It is a cycle that has a beginning and an end. The crisis can turn a person inside out, and so you need to try to overcome this difficult period with minimal losses.

You need to watch out for the first signs of its appearance in order to prepare for it. For example, a person may suddenly feel the loss of meaning in life, which can manifest itself in the revaluation of recently seemed immutable values ​​and orientations. Emerging questions and doubts may involve several levels, including the personal and professional life, family and friends.

Another symptom is the awareness of the transience of time. Time is running out, and the person experiences constant anxiety about different goals he needs to achieve.

To prepare for the crisis, it is necessary to catch the moment when questions about the meaning of life and a sense of relentless running time arise. You need to carefully analyze these senses without attempting to find a solution immediately. You have to understand that the most dangerous thing in the time of crisis is this rash action, especially in the case when a person crosses out all his previous life. Such actions can be very painful for everyone around. The most important thing is to give yourself a time out to think about new experiences, and then try to find a way out of the situation.

– Does everyone face the crisis in the same age? And once it has the biological basis, how to overcome it?

– Midlife crisis occurs in different people at different time during the period from 40 to 50 years. An important role is played by the factor of age of the children. When they grow up and become teenagers, this step may intensify the crisis problems with parents. There is a feeling that people wasted a part of life, too much time was spent on the career or family. Parents compare themselves with the behavior of their teenage children, they also have a desire to enjoy life making impulsive decisions.

– Midlife crisis for men is usually associated with adolescent behavior (buying a sports car, love affairs with younger women, tattoos, etc.). But what role is assigned to the “social” side of this life crisis?

– The society is showing more and more attention to the crisis of middle age. Previously, people over 50 were already considered as “old”. Today, the existence of the crisis is recognized and actively discussed. There is an opinion that people are updating during this age interval. The society recognizes that the people of this age have the potential. There is no big difference between men and women except for the fact that men start to act faster. Women are more likely  to keep everything inside. However, there are radical changes in their lives in both cases. Their daily life begins to oppress them, they have a strong desire to quit.

Try to distract. If there is something that you always wanted to do – do it. New experience and impressions will help to cope with depressive thoughts. Spend more time with family and friends and everything will be just fine.