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How to Choose a Men’s Wallet?

How to choose a men’s wallet?

Wallet can tell a lot of interesting things about its owner. Therefore, choosing it should be borne in mind that it will not only keep the bills, but also position you in a certain way. Old, worn wallet is not the best way to accentuate your status, even if you wear an expensive suit.

This small accessory has to look presentable and be present in your wardrobe. You must agree, a man pulling out crumpled bills of his pockets looks ridiculous. Therefore, the choice of the wallet should be treated carefully.

The wallet is no less important than the shoes and the watch. These accessories can tell you a lot about you to your business partners and women.

From the classics to the riot of colors and shapes

Choosing a really high quality wallet is becoming increasingly difficult. You can find a fake even in good shops. But this is not the only difficulty in the selection. Fashion trends have clearly shown a desire of the traditional manufacturers to move away from of classic colors and shapes. Therefore, a lot of modern wallets have a fanciful color composition and original forms. However, black and brown colors are still in demand, as they are successfully combined with business attire.

A typical indicator of the quality of the wallet is its practicality and functionality. It always has a lot of departments for notes in different formats, credit cards, and pictures of loved ones. When choosing a wallet, compare its functionality with your needs.

Standard wallet having two folds


This is a good choice for those who often pay with bank cards. They can be conveniently located in several departments. There is also a place for banknotes and coins.
One fold wallet


This wallet has a good capacity and your bank cards can be placed handy on both sides. This type of wallets comes in different sizes, from very compact and small to large wallets, where you can store documents. Its advantage is that it is versatile, because this wallet is perfect for everyday clothing, and will look good on the background of a business suit.

Wallet with no folds


Wallet without folds will always look dignified and elegant. The bills are not bent and retain their original appearance. It can be worn in jacket pocket, but it won’t fit your pants.

All you need to know about materials

Traditionally, wallets are made from natural ingredients. They retain the original appearance for a long time, look presentable and have good resistance to negative external environmental factors. The classic natural material is calf leather. Crocodile skin and snake are also used. Styling and texture should be combined with your style and complement it.

The correct wallet is a guarantee that the public will perceive you as a competent businessman and your lady will be convinced of your financial solvency. Today the variety of accessories allows you to select all parameters: price, manufacturer, style, color. So confidently choose, and for sure you will find the most suitable option.