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How to buy a watch for more than 20,000$

Most buyers of high-quality luxury watches know exactly what they get with such expensive product. It takes years to fully understand what is included in the value of high-end luxury shopping. Consider all the factors of the watch purchase. Do not rush in choosing and pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. The presence of precious metals

If we are already talking about buying of an expensive watch, then it should be made of qualitative materials. It can be for example the luxury watches that are made of 18-carat gold and titanium. It is better to know the quantity of precious metal in the watch. The most common metals, for the expensive watches are of course different colors of gold (yellow, pink, red, white, etc ..) and platinum. Silver is used very rarely. It goes without saying that the precious stones are as well the desired component of such watches.


  1. High-qualitative precious stones

If you buy a watch with precious stones, you should carefully examine them. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the origin of the stones. There are two types of precious stones: natural or manufactured. Natural stones are produced by traditional methods of the mining industry. Manufactured stones are no synthetic stones, but real stones which have been grown in the laboratory. Probably the most popular manufactured stones for watches are: sapphires, diamonds and many other types of stones. Of course the most precious are natural stones.


  1. Mechanism production

The majority of companies do not produce their own mechanisms. The best-known European manufacturer of watch mechanisms is ETA. Some companies buy the components and use them, sometimes they change or add their own modules. The top watch manufacturers usually design and create their own mechanisms.

  1. Geneva stamp

This stamp is a certificate of quality and origin. Such stamp is directly applied in certain watch which complies with the strict rules of Swiss law. The Geneva stamp is placed at certain watches, which mechanism is mainly created and assembled in Geneva, Switzerland. The mechanisms, in addition to their origin place, must also have a variety of specifications and qualities.

  1. Exotic materials

In the last couple of years we can see the impressive number of luxury watches with usage of unusual materials. For example, a substance called silicium (silicon) is used in some watch mechanisms of such companies as Patek Philippe and Ulysse Nardin. This material does not require any lubrication and thus helps the durability and precision of watch mechanism. On the outside of some watches we can see the ceramics, which is much harder than metal, it is difficult to scratch.

Today watch manufacturers use such materials as rubber, black carbon, carbon fiber, complex resin (fancy plastic), natural stones, sapphire crystals, ceramic compositions, and much more.


  1. Hand assembling watch

Since each part of mechanism should be made, decorated, assembled and tested, it is clear that the process of hand assembling takes time. For example Rolex uses sophisticated robotics to assemble the watch, it may take a few days, while the less industrialized companies need a few months for one watch production.

  1. Complications

The high-end watches have not only beautiful arrangements. The watch for over the 20 000 $, often suppose to do more than just show the time. These watches have infinite calendar, chronograph rattrapante, sonneries, moon phases, and multiple time zones.


  1. Extremely sophisticated design

High qualitative watch should be beautiful. Top watchmakers are qualified in the creation of unique projects. Such expensive watch should look well at any occasion.

  1. Limited edition

Top luxury things are usually produced in small quantities and are made in a limited edition. So look for an extremely limited edition or limited production watches. The more limited the edition, the more exclusive watches are, and exclusiveness is the main component of true luxury.

10. The watch as investment objects

On the one hand there are certain brands, which usually have their most exclusive models constantly increasing in the value (such as Patek Philippe and Rolex). It is difficult to understand whether the watch will increase in value, but do your best to follow the above principles, and you might get a good investment object.