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How The Zodiac Affects You in Bed

There is no piece of ideal or universal advice on how to diversify your sex life, but there are tips on how to add some interesting and colorful details in the usual course of events. What does your partner want in bed on the basis of zodiac sign?

The topic of love games and the compatibility of people in bed will always be relevant. Over the years, the passion dies down and your own script appears, in which everyone has a role, demeanor, and the timing of each activity. First of all, you need to understand how your partner usually behaves based on the date of birth.

We begin with the elementary, with a study of the needs of our partner in bed, and will continue to use imagination for the diversity of your nights spent with together.

Aries in bed

Aries is a real fire in bed, but not with everyone. They are only open to regular partners. Their sexual charms are not available to those who are not close to them in terms of relationships. They are open to experimentation, but another portion of alcohol often helps them. Aries select partners on three pillars: beautiful appearance, intelligence and status of the partner. For Aries, relationships are more important than intimacy, though they are talented in both areas. When Aries’s partner turns her on, their relationships will last very long.

Taurus in bed

For them, sex is a way to be happy here and now. Varied sex and experiments are everyday business for Taurus. For a representative of this sign, any waiver in the intimacy equates to personal animosity and treason. Tauruses love when other people “use” them. They are ready for almost everything in order to reach the desired goal – orgasm.

Gemini in bed

The Gemini man is a gentleman in bed. He likes experiments with sex toys and a variety of different tools. A representative of this sign likes to look at his “victim” during intimacy, so light is an indispensable tool in his foreplay. He says what his partner wants to hear and do everything that others don’t.

The Gemini woman is a witty conversationalist, so even in the course of intimacy with a partner, she does not stop talking. She does not need a special situation. She does not like to rush in love games, as long as foreplay is something she is good at. She is curious by nature, so men are interested in her openness to everything new and unexplored. The Gemini females have sex more often than representatives of other signs of the zodiac, because their sense of “experiments” is always on the edge between a peak and nirvana.

Cancer in bed

The Cancer man needs to be praised for his actions in bed. In the intima, he is patient, but aggressive. A strange combination you need to get used to. He will not seduce his victim on the first date. He waits. Cancer loves to be the leader in bed, so just relax and enjoy the process.

The Cancer woman is very shy at the beginning of the relationships. It will take more time than the other signs for their emancipation in bed. But their goal is a bright orgasm, so they will do everything to achieve it. They are not selfish in matters of sex, but still if they have to choose, they choose their own satisfaction, depriving the partner of vivid sensations.

Leo in bed

The Leo man is very tender in matters of intimacy. It is important for him to be always appreciated by his lady, he seeks to avoid fails in all his endeavors. Leo is proud of his shape and his size. For his partner, it would be great to recall his greatness, originality and experience. He is faithful and requires the same from his partner. Of course, he looks at other women, but usually it never goes too far.

The Leo woman is strong in the conquest of hearts, but not in experience in bed. So when it comes to the pleasures of love, it is often the men are disappointed, because they expect more after perfect flirting and foreplay. Her problem is that she always wants to look good, so she does not allow herself to relax. So she accepts only comfortable posture, perfect lighting and the best “toys”, which are not always comfortable for her partner. That is one of the main concerns of the Leo female.

Virgo in bed

Virgos don’t like standard poses and scenes in their bed. Representatives of this sign appreciate original and non-standard approach. They know what is the “best sex”, so they give the most vivid feelings and bring as much pleasure as no other sign does. Virgos respect their bodies, their sexuality, their choices and their partners. They do not sleep with anyone, only the chosen one can enjoy sexual games with the goddess. But it is a gift you’ll enjoy for a long time.

Libra in bed

The Libra man prefers logical games, not sports tournaments, so they usually don’t have athletic complexion. But he’s smart and always finds a way to find a compromise. His mind is a magnet for female bodies. Libra loves long caresses. He studies every inch of the body of his lady to please her and satisfy her “hunger”. He likes all kinds of caresses, so do not be afraid to tell your secret desires.

The Libra woman used to enjoy the love games. She gets pleasure from prolonged foreplay, premeditated situation and the perfect partner. She needs an experienced man who can gratify every cell of her body. She loves sophistication and refinement, so her underwear will always be the most expensive one, and the room decor is almost always equipped with a mirror on the ceiling, so that she can receive aesthetic pleasure from the process. She values diversity, so conservatives are not their type of man in bed.

Scorpio in bed

The Scorpio man is able to bring pleasure to any partner. He will get the pleasure of her orgasm, groans and her satisfaction. Sex with a Scorpio can be a whole aerobatics master class or just animal instinct. He doesn’t repeat himself, Scorpio is always in perpetual motion in the direction of maximum enjoyment.

The Scorpio woman loves petting. They love to exchange erotic pictures, reports and plans for the future joys of love in a virtual form. These women are always ready to realize all your desires in life. They are tireless and passionate. If you’ll indulge their bodies in bed, then they will be able to give you heaven on Earth.

Sagittarius in bed

The Sagittarius man is very venturesome in bed. He knows how to set his partner on fire. But the most important rule for him is not to get too excited about the objects of seduction. He is a supporter of classical techniques, but he would not mind any experiments. He is a lover of sexy lingerie, high heels and stockings during prolonged foreplay.

The Sagittarius woman is a bright supporter of great sex. This woman is a magnet for the opposite sex, because she does not try to hide its flaws. This woman just likes to enjoy herself and her ability to love life. She can invent some new tricks, scenarios and games. She is a restless creature who needs caress. The Sagittarius woman doesn’t really worry about how long was the process of sexual pleasures, it is important for her that everything began and ended quickly with the desired result.

Capricorn in bed

The Capricorn man is insatiable in bed. He becomes more experienced in the pleasures of love with every single day. He likes to rule in the bed, so he could tie his partner or choose the positions. Capricorn is pleased by the thought that the partner feels uncomfortable, but stoops in front of his strength.

The Capricorn female likes to dominate in bed. She knows exactly what she wants, so she does only what she recognizes as the right thing to do. She needs a tireless partner, because she will always want more. The Capricorn woman is always in excellent physical shape, so she enjoys almost any position. Sometimes her love games are connected to hints of sadism. They appreciate pain in the intima. The Capricorn woman is one of the most passionate lovers, but, unfortunately, not all partners are suitable to her.

Aquarius in bed

The Aquarius man does not believe that sexual compatibility is the main factor in relationships. He needs to know everything about his partner. The personality is always higher than sexual, but at the same time it does not mean that he does not like sex. He is open to a variety of experiments, sometimes even reads the manual for the improvement of his skills.

The Aquarius woman loves kisses. It is important for her to understand that she is wanted physically and mentally. She will not tear off your clothes, but will take it off slowly and with passion. Representatives of this sign are very sensitive to the beginning of any foreplay. Conservatism and the classics is their motto. However, they are still passionate lovers. At the right moment Aquarius women can “turn on” the sexual tigress.

Pisces in bed

The Pisces man always and everywhere takes care of satisfying his lady. He enjoys her orgasm, and will do everything for her to reach it. He will constantly look for romance in every love game. Such a man is willing to experience the pain, to make love in the cold or in a public place, if only to satisfy his partner.

The Pisces woman does not build her relationsship on the sex only. For her, sex is a purely personal sphere of life, which is under lock and key. She constantly flirts, and then wonders why men stick to her all the time. She loves classical techniques of seduction on the part of the gallant man. Representatives of this sign love to “serve.” They can fulfill any whim of their master. She loves loud exclamations to provoke her men.