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How Much of Your Sex Life Does She Share With Friends?

That is why they giggle when they see you. Sorry.

The Frequency and schedule of your sex life
This information must be shared with friends – for comparison. And suddenly it’s not normal that you are engaged in oral sex only on Mondays and tantric – every third Friday of the month? Well, it’s okay. Jane (or whatever you girlfriend’s friend name is) has the same sex schedule with her fitness coach.
The extent of your selfishness in bed
If the beginning of a relationship chivalry is determined by the amount of candy boxes, which you brought out on a date, in the middle of the relationship – the number of minutes spent in the bottom half of your girlfriend in an attempt to squeeze out the coveted “I’m coming!”
The appearance of your penis
Even if you do not have anything more intimate than attending an exhibition of reproductions of Monet, she had already discussed with friends the alleged appearance of your penis, based on your physique, foot size and sign of the zodiac. And if you visit a nudist beach together, and even have sex sometimes, be sure her friends are up to date with all the anatomical features of your genitals.

How good you are compared to her best
Every girl has her Jack (which might be John or Ernesto as well), in comparison with which all her other sexual partners are not that good. Therefore, when she first tells her friends about the new partner, one of the first questions they ask her: “And how is he compared with …?” Believe me, in this case, even a modest “You know, he’s ok!” – is a good answer.
How do you make her feel
The most sensual and elusive category of women’s conversations. It would seem that you are not selfish in bed, dutifully do a massage, and even take off socks before sex! Still, she would say to her friends: “I feel uncomfortable with him,” or “I do not feel like we’re really close.” And sometimes vice versa – you made no effort to please the girl, but her friends will hear: “It was unbelievable.” Her feelings after sex with you depends on many factors: hormones, whether she fed the cat, whether drunk enough. So just try to do your utmost so the girl can feel comfortable with you – it’s your men maximum. And try not to think that after all that you have done, she continues to discuss your sex life with her friends.