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How Do You Know She Wants You?

Passionate, beautiful and sexually active girls can languish with desire to spend the night with you. However, how to recognize such lustful desires?

There are several proven features by which we can judge that the woman wants you. They can be hidden and inconspicuous to others, however, they may be caught by an experienced man.

Prolonged eye contact

The woman’s eyes can tell a lot, including her sexual desire. This is an unmistakable signal. This sight is filled with sexual desire, and you can notice it even in a crowd. The woman’s eyes will always send you the signal. This nonverbal way can serve you as an alert without any word from her. That is why dating on the street during the abundance of electronic technology is not classified as old school.

Perky laughing and radiant smile

As a general rule, you should look for a smile or a laugh. Also, the signal is considered to be a modest giggle with her hands near her lips. According to women, long and intense gaze often become noticeable to others. In order not to feel uncomfortable, look inferior to smile and laugh.

Praise and compliments

Women also tend to give compliments. Most often this happens spontaneously and very sincerely. Compliments about your appearance, success, the approval of your interests – a sure sign that she would not mind a more private conversation and intimacy.

She is relaxed and in a good mood

This is a very important nuance, allowing to define the approach of the moment of intimacy. She must feel comfortable being next to you. She can laugh, so do not hesitate to joke and talk nonsense. In this case, you are in a couple of steps up to the bed. But if the dialogue turned out to be dry, and all you hear is “probably” or “really?”, leave this godforsaken event. Perhaps she is not interested in you.

Reducing the distance


She starts to reduce the distance. She sits down next to you, trying to stay as close as possible, inadvertently touches you. Do not think that this is a lack of modesty or a bad taste. This is a clear sexual beacon.

During a conversation, she often talks about you. She wonders if you have a girlfriend.

This information plays an important role for a woman. One will ask about it directly, and the other will do it in a veiled way, and the third one will make a separate investigation. She will check if you have a ring, and whether there are women attributes in your car. Even if you are not free, it is better to tell her about it in advance, so not to deceive her and not put yourself in a stupid situation.

She tries to touch you

Regular touches mean that the job is almost done. Of course, she would never act like a man touching your butt. There are similar methods for women. She can accidentally touch your knee or it may be a gentle touch to your hands. It is a proven signal of her sexual desire.

She asks for your help

She may ask you to fix her computer or help her understand the tablet settings, and so on. Do not doubt, she wants to spend time with you.

Presents and surprises

You may unexpectedly receive a small gift in the form of souvenirs or trinkets. It is a hidden interest to you.

Intimate topics of conversation

Talking about sex may mean that she is constantly concerned about it. It may also mean that she considers you as a sexual partner. In any case, such a conversation is a sure sign of her sexual desire.

If a woman shows increased activity in communion with you, do not hesitate – she wants you. And most importantly, identifying these ladies among others is much easier than to undertake the conquest of another girl.