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Honda: First Man, Then Machine

“First man, then machine”  is more than a statement or advertisement, it is a credo and philosophy of the Honda company. This is an incarnation of direction and purpose. This company first thinks about the needs of the consumer, when creating a car. That’s why Honda designers observed people in California mall to see how do they load their purchases into the trunk. This is how the new trunk was designed. That’s why the new door handle of the NSX supercar is safe and easy to use as on the Civic, although it is a car with a very high rate. The company understands that a supercar should not be temperamental and difficult to use. The Honda company is based on a philosophy more than on marketing.

Honda Accord





The first car called the Accord appeared in 1976 as a front-wheel drive hatchback with a 1.6-liter 80-horsepower engine. The sedan version was released only in 1977. The range of powertrains was replenished with engine capacity of 1.8 liters in 1978. Since then, Honda has presented several generations of this model. The Accord was constantly improved, which allowed it to win the title of “Car of the year in Japan” and be the best-selling car in the United States within three years. Today, the Japanese car has conquered not only the European market, but also a lot of markets all over the world. The Honda cars are known as  comfortable, dynamic, durable and reliable cars, the Honda Accord is not an exception, so no wonder why it stays in high demand.

Honda Civic





The first Civic was released in 1972. In 1970, the United States was first adopted by the Clean Air Act. In 1971, the oil crisis began. Under these conditions, a small front-wheel drive car with much more-efficient engine was doomed to be successful. Later in 1973, the car was ranked third in the prestigious European Car of the Year competition, and became the best import car in the United States. The Honda Civic history spanning more than forty years. The Japanese company never stopped in their developments and constantly introduced their new achievements. The Honda Civic was a great success, but even bigger popularity came with the release of the seventh generation in 2001.

Civic Si





The new Honda Civic Si Coupe has an attractive sporty design. This car is designed according to the latest standards in the area of ​​security. It was created for young, active people. The new American Honda Civic Si Coupe has a bright and sporty design, excellent performance, amazing and simply unique style. List of nice standard options includes full power, central locking with remote control, adjustable steering wheel in all directions, ABS, sunroof, rear spoiler, cruise control, air conditioning, leather steering wheel and a 360-watt stereo with support for MP3 / WMA. Optionally it’s available with a navigation system with voice recognition and a satellite radio. This car is an implementation of perfect balance between performance, comfort and style.

Honda CR-V







The CR-V debut was held in 1995. And only six years later, the second generation was presented. The Honda CR-V is a very popular SUV. It combines the best properties of the car and off-road vehicle. From passenger cars the Honda CR-V received a terrific handling and a perfectly acceptable fuel consumption, and from off-road vehicle – a good ground clearance, all-wheel drive and spacious enough salon. First of all, the manufacturer counted on the North American market, where demand for SUVs is always especially great. A few months after the start of sales it appeared that this vehicle aroused great interest in Europe as well. Today the CR-V is in demand on both sides of the Atlantic. It is so thanks to its great combination of power and comfort.








The Honda CRX is one of the best vehicles made by the Honda. The car debuted in 1984. It was positioned as a front-wheel drive compact sports hatchback. Almost instantly it has gained a huge popularity. This car was sold under the name Honda Civic CRX in some regions. Name «CRX» caused a lot of debate, the following are the most popular decodings: «Civic Renaissance Model X», «Compact Renaissance X» and «Civic Racing eXperimental». The car was to sell in all world markets, but each variant has its own configuration. For example, in Europe the Honda CRX was sold in 4-seater version, while the US model was positioned as a compact and economical 2-seater sports car.

Honda CR-Z






The Honda CR-Z was first presented at the International Motor Show in Geneva in 2010. The developers was to create a small eco-friendly coupe for the modern world. In general, the CR-Z is constructed on the basis of the Honda Insight, but the engineers did a great job, they shortened the wheelbase, widening its front and rear parts. Also, they made the entire structure more rigid. The car has 4080 mm length, its width is 1740 mm, and height – just 1,395 mm. The length of the wheelbase is 116 mm less than the Honda Insight, although the CR-Z have the same structure of the suspension – MacPherson strut-type front and rear torsion bar. The Honda CR-Z is a very unique car, which combines the advantages of a stylish coupe and eco-friendly, efficient hybrid system with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Honda Crosstour






The Honda Crosstour is an all-wheel drive model to travel on any distances on the roads of varying quality. The vehicle has a bright and impressive design. Dimensions are impressive: length – 4999 mm, width – 1900 mm, wheelbase – 2797 mm. Ground clearance is 205 mm, which allows you to speak with confidence about the high passability of the Crosstour. Low center of gravity provides a great stability when driving on roads with any type of surface. Special attention is given to the control. Advanced Real Time 4WD system allows you to instantly respond to the changed level of grip on the road surface, allowing confident  driving in all weather conditions. The Multi-link suspension makes the vehicle very stable in turns. So if you need a big, comfortable and safe vehicle with some off-road inclinations, the Crosstour  is an excellent candidate for this role.

Honda Del Sol





“Del Sol” translates as “sun” from Spanish. In 1992, the Honda has replaced the CRX with a new model with removable roof. It was based on the Civic and received the name of the Honda Civic Del Sol. “Del Sol” translates as “sun” from Spanish. The CRX name was not used in the Del Sol line, since it was a vehicle of different ideology. In the USA this model was introduced in 1993. Comparing with the Honda CRX, this cute vehicle with smooth contours of the body immediately gained a great popularity among young people. The car has a removable roof over the driver and passenger, which can be removed to the trunk. Manufacture and sale of the Del Sol ended in 1997 in the US and in 1998 in other markets.

Honda Element






In order to compete in the crowded SUV market, most manufacturers are trying to add something special to their vehicles, something that makes them different from other vehicles from its class. The Honda Element is an example of successful ideas of the designers. For the first time this vehicle has been shown at the Auto Show in Detroit in 2001, it was presented as a concept named the Model X. The debut of the serial version was held in 2003. Potential buyers of the Element were attracted not only with the original exterior design and functional interior, but also with its versatility. It’s designed for outdoor enthusiasts. This hardy and very practical vehicle comes in handy for town and leisure travel, as well as for the transportation of goods.

Honda Fit






The Honda engineers innovative approach in the development of the Fit allowed it to win thirty European awards, including”Japanese car of the decade”and “Car of the Year”. Debut of the Honda Fit took place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2001. In 2008, the second generation was released. In 2011, the Honda Fit was restyled. The name Fit is used in China, Japan and United States. In Europe this model is known as the Jazz. The Honda Fit can satisfy even the most discerning car owners. This vehicle is an indispensable tool for couples with children. With optimal city size, decent equipment, practical interior and attractive appearance, this model has a lot of fans all over the globe.

Honda Insight






The rapid rise of prices of traditional fuels in the end of the twentieth century forced the leading automobile brands to think about alternative power plants that operate on the environmentally friendly electricity. The Honda and the Toyota became pioneers in the development of such. In 1996, the Motor Assist technology was developed, which became a base of the new hybrid engine running on electricity and gasoline. This hot novelty was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1997. The whole industry was excited about this novelty. Two years later, the Honda company introduced the Insight, equipped with an engine with this hybrid technology. These hybrids have gained pretty high popularity.

Honda Odyssey





The Honda Odyssey first generation was released in 1994. The Honda Odyssey is a front-wheel drive minivan or increased capacity (MPV by the Japanese classification) with three rows of seats for 6-7 people. The first Odyssey cars temporarily used the Honda Accord base. The vehicle has a low center of mass and a sports suspension. Made in Japan, China, USA and Canada to this day, with the left and right hand drive respectively. This great vehicle can comfortably accommodate 7 people. This car has a lot of security and assistant systems installed, so it can be reasonably called a safe car.

Honda Passport






The Honda Passport is one of the first vehicles built by the world famous Japanese concern at the end of the last century. As is known, the characteristics of this SUV won it widespread popularity. The Honda Passport is the result of cooperation of such concerns as Isuzu and Honda in the 90s. Cooperation lasted until 2002, after which the Honda Passport was replaced by the Honda Pilot. There are two generations of this model. The design from 1994 to 2002 did not undergo any significant changes. Unlike the old version the new one has its  exterior implemented in two colors. Motorists agree that the Japanese SUV is an extremely reliable vehicle. Even after reaching 100 thousand on the tachometer, the vehicle continues to please its owners.

Honda Pilot







The Honda Pilot is a full-size SUV that was released in 2001. It is built on the same platform with the Acura MDX which has its debut a year earlier. It is the largest SUV in the history of the brand. The vehicle is developed by the US Department of the Japanese company, originally it was intended only for the overseas market. In time it turned out to be so successful that the Honda dealers gradually began to sell it in other markets. The manufacturer positions the Pilot as one of a class of eight-seater SUV. This fact immediately reveals its purpose – it is a comfortable family vehicle. Spacious interior with three rows of seats is designed for long trips. The vehicle’s salon is built with all the modern requirements of the family vehicle: comfort, wide list of options, excellent ergonomics and spaciousness.

Honda Prelude





The Honda Prelude was released in 1978. Till 1983, the Prelude was issued on the Accord base. After thorough processing in the 1983, the Prelude became an independent model. The new version with a modern for those years 12-valve engine capacity of 1.8 liters appeared. The vehicle received a lot of positive feedback to the management. This model has become very popular over time and new generations. Each generation makes the model better, but the production of the Honda Prelude was decided to stop in 2000.However, periodically there are rumors that the company is working on the sixth-generation of the Prelude, but until now they are not confirmed. But a lot of motorists all over the world will be pleased to hear about the new generation of the Honda Prelude.

Honda Ridgeline






The Ridgeline was presented in 2004. This vehicle has become the world’s first four-door pickup truck, which received five “stars” for the safety and side and frontal crash tests. A little later the same organization called the Honda Ridgeline most “non-reversible”, and a year later this amazing vehicle will be recognized as the ideal pickup according to residents of the 50 states, and at the same time – the best vehicle in the category “Truck of the Year 2006″. The Honda Ridgeline not just begins to move – it shoots. There are no signs of shaking – a powerful suspension has enough comfortable setting, and smooth ride is simply amazing. This vehicle can be called one of the best pickups ever made.

Honda S2000






The Honda S2000 is based on the new conceptual development of the Honda SSM. The exterior of the car is fully consistent with the concept of the dream car: arrow-shaped, with a large hood and powerful profile wheel arches, a small clearance and large wheels. The first thing you see inside is a huge red Start Engine button, which starts the engine when the key is in the ignition. Convertible with top up always looks impressive and attractive. The S2000 salon is executed in the best traditions of dream cars, where you can find such attributes like a small steering wheel with leather trim, perforated sporty style pedals and gearshift knob made of titanium.