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Facts About Sex

Much was said about sex and even more was written. People argue about sex, write novels, scientific works. If there would be no sex and love, then humanity wouldn’t have learned an enormous amount of great works.

However, there are interesting facts and figures about sex. Here you can check some of them.

Fact 1

Men have more sexual partners than women. It often  happens that a woman has no more than three of four partners for the whole life, while men have dozens and sometimes hundreds of partners. If we talk about the average figures, men aged 20 to 59 years on the question of the number of sexual partners usually say seven, but in women this figure is somewhat more modest – only three partners.

Fact 2

About 60 percent of young people prefer the so-called friendly sex. According to recent studies, about two-thirds of the students confess that they practice free love without serious relationships. But 20 years ago such a thing as “friendly sex” didn’t even exist.
Fact 3

According to medical statistics, 50 percent of sexually active men and women at least once in their life infected with HPV – human papilloma virus. And this is not the most pleasant sexually transmitted virus. There are types of papilloma virus with high oncogenic risk. In this case the virus infection can cause cervical or other types of cancer.
Fact 4

12 percent of married men do not sleep with their wives. One married couple of ten sleeps in separate beds. It’s a depressing figure. Because it is believed that sex is one of the components of a happy marriage.

Fact 5

Surprisingly, women are much less likely than men to experience orgasm. According to recent studies, about 75 percent of men have an orgasm during intercourse, and only 29 percent of women always have sexual satisfaction. In addition, most women never experience vaginal orgasm and need stimulation of the clitoris. These figures are a good reason to look at your wife more closely – not faking it?

Fact 6

Girls lose their innocence later than boys. There is a logical explanation. After all, most of the fairer sex at a young age are taught that a woman should be modest and do not start a sex life too early. The average age of first sexual intercourse in men is 17 years. And here come the girls with the first sexual intercourse in 18 years.

Fact 7

It is proven that one man can have more than a hundred children. It is known that every healthy representative of the stronger sex can become a father. Someone has one child, someone two, there are representatives of the stronger sex, who have three, four or five children. But experts say that every able-bodied man may be the father of 842 children.

However, this is not the biggest number. If you will check the Guinness Book of Records, you will find information about how one Moroccan pasha (history has not preserved his name) had 700 (!) sons and 342 (!) daughters. That is more than a thousand children. It is obvious that they were born by different women, pasha had hundreds of wives and concubines.

Talking about women, the present record belongs to Russian women. Her name is also unknown. It is known from historical chronicles that the spouse of a Fyodor Vasilyev, lived in the XVIII century, was pregnant 27 times and gave birth to 69 children. The woman gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 triplets, and 4 quadruplets.