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Dress Like Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was hardly ever considered as a style icon. He has other advantages: for example, he founded Facebook – the site where you spend a lot of hours. And Zuckerberg is a billionaire. But he dresses in such way that the words “boring” and “dull” sound not boring and dull enough to describe his style.

Dark blue jeans, gray (sometimes brick red) T-shirt and gray (occasionally dark blue) hoodie – warm and practical jacket with zipper and hood. It is obvious that in  the middle of all this triumph of greyness Mark feels quite comfortable –  just look how confidently he swings his microphone on presentations of new Facebook buttons.

And then a couple of months ago, the public, which has recently wondered how a man with such a huge amount of money cannot get to the store and buy something decent, decided to change confusion for mercy. So there is a new trend in the fashion world – to dress like Zuckerberg. Wear the same clothing every day. Do you want to look successful? Get dressed like Zuckerberg!
Mark states that such ostentatious indifference to dress helps him save a lot of time. He never stands in the wardrobe wondering if striped socks fit to tie with a bananas print. He has a dozen of gray T-shirts, the same gray hoodie and a few pairs of dark blue jeans – so he ruthlessly eliminated the problem of choice and free up space for more important things. For example, for the enhancement of his multi-million dollar empire (still, it’s easier than deciding which tie to pick up with the damn striped socks!).

The dull-gray trend is spreading gradually: all the more often you can meet inconspicuous young men in nondescript robes on the streets of big cities. However, such austerity in clothes is not for everyone. For example, a journalist of online publication askmen.com was able to dress like this for only four days. Despite the fact that according to his words he felt cozy and finally was not freezing in the office. He just decided that it is boring to dress the same every day.

In general, if you suffer from the problem of choice, buy the same T-shirts and pretend that you follow fashion – dress like Zuckerberg.